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Frustration and anger (low vibrational frequencies) causes chemical death within the cells of the body, which leads to accelerated aging, illness and disease. Frequencies of higher vibrations do the complete opposite. The cells of your body are ONE WITH YOU and YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY. The way you speak about yourself matters because the Mind, Body and Soul (the Innate/Pineal Gland, The Brain and The Heart) are a part of a complex system...a belief system in and of itself so to speak. Belief systems are very powerful. Through this belief system your cells listen to what you say about yourself, creating the very Being (Mind, Body and Soul) that the person sees in the mirror as well as living a life that is reflected back from the inner being.

If a person continuously talks negatively about themselves - whether it be on a physical level, living from a state of lack consciousness (never having enough due to unworthiness and lack-traits passed from generation to generation) or seeing themselves separate from others -

that’s what will be created in their reality. You will attract the same type of people into your life as well as experiences. It’s as simple as this....start speaking, living and acting from a higher level for the betterment of you and others and that’s what will be returned to you by The Universe. Start using I Am Affirmations speaking highly of yourself and make it a daily how your life changes.

You are your own Universe! If you are “ugly” on the are “ugly” on the out...if you treat others as though they are separate from you, you will get treated the same in return because the frequency you put out, you get back. If a person acts from a place of truth, integrity, compassion, unconditional love, etc. it will be returned as that. No matter how one appears to act towards another, it’s the energy behind the intention that will be returned back, not necessarily the action doesn’t lie because energy is DIVINE!

By: Bryan Metoyer


#timetolevelup #speakhighlyofyourselftoyourself



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