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May Astrology Report

By Archeia Aurora

May is a numerology 4 month, which is bringing us stability, consistency and prosperity from the seeds we have been laying since the Fall. All of April was a whirlwind of energy as we went through the destiny reset on April 8th, 2024 with the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Aries. This Eclipse was conjunct Mercury retrograde, Chiron and the North Node. Essentially, this eclipse was a complete slate clean of the past and urged us to find the courage to begin an entirely new journey, healing our wounds of past experiences, and following our destinies. 

April was a shakeup month, as we anticipated it would be. Along with the destiny reset, we went through the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Taurus which set us on an entirely new cycle of creation. Mother Earth and the nature of our physical reality will be shifting and changing rapidly this year, as whatever is outdated and stagnant will undergo a tower moment. We are already seeing some of this play out through extreme weather events, natural disasters, rumors of a financial system collapse, and a change in our perception of what we value and what abundance truly means. 

May will be a mixed energy of both stability and change. This is our new normal and we are learning to flow and adapt with the winds of change, while also being able to hold our center and to stay energetically aligned no matter what unfolds outside of us. 

Balanced Harmonics 

We begin the month with a focus on balanced harmonics, both within and without. Venus will be in her home sign of Taurus until May 23rd, and Mars will be in his home sign of Aries until June. With both Venus + Mars being in their home signs, we have an amazing window to anchor in balanced harmonics onto this planet. Venus in Taurus is bringing our feminine essence back into our body, the connection between us and nature, and returning a deep self-love and gratitude into our experience. Venus in Taurus is a master manifester, and this window can also bring prosperity and abundance back to Humanity. 

Mars will be in Aries for the whole of May, and this is aligning the masculine energy back to its divine warrior state. Aries no longer needs to use violence, domination or force in order to get its way. Instead, it is filled with courage, strength, confidence and is truly walking the path as God with God. Together, these two are representing the Empress and the Emperor, and these two are very present throughout the month. We are returning Divine Order to this planet.

We are returning to the TRUE divine union between the masculine and feminine. Internally, we are anchoring in the balance between BEING and DOING. We must know when the moment is to simply be, receive, allow, surrender, dream and envision-and when the time is right to execute, take action, make a leap of faith, or restrain. 

Externally, this is aligning Mother Earth back to her original state of Balanced Harmonics, Yin/Yang, and she is currently undergoing this re-alignment until May 23rd. Pluto retrograde is also assisting in this re-alignment. The poles are indeed shifting this month on an energetic and physical level. For the first 3 weeks of May, the poles are physically + energetically shifting within our being and on Mother Earth herself. We are exiting the 27,000 year paradigm of the lower masculine, and are now coming back into balance with the feminine paradigm. The Divine Masculine are stepping up and have completed their embodiment process and can now fulfill their roles as the protectors of the feminine energy, rather than the enslavers. This is VERY exciting news. Many souls may also be coming into physical divine unions with their counterparts throughout the summer after this re-alignment occurs. 

By the last week of May, we will then be finalizing the re-alignment within our mental bodies, as we complete the shift of the poles from the left brain to the right brain. The right brain will now be leading, fully connected to the heart, and overriding the EGO programmed mind and replacing it with wholeness and connection. We can expect to see the final meltdown of the EGO mind at the end of this month, as all will need to shift into a balanced brain/heart connection. 

Pluto Retrograde 

We begin May with Pluto stationing retrograde at 2-3 Degrees Aquarius on May 2nd. Since Pluto has entered Aquarius at the end of January, we have seen the revolution energy spread throughout Humanity as many have begun to see through the lies and illusion, and Humanity has been rising up in unity against these systems of control and enslavement. With Pluto stationing retrograde, this is now a time where Pluto’s energy of transformation and activation are turning within. As I have shared previously, Pluto’s archetype is now that of a double-agent. He is still carrying his death/rebirth energy, but he is also now the activator. 

Pluto collapses and rips away that which is not aligned with Creation and Life, but now he is also resurrecting that which has been “dead” or forgotten. This is the most interesting archetype to watch, and as he will now backtrack through Aquarius until September.

 I believe that Pluto will be activating and resurrecting what Humanity has forgotten within … that we are all God with God, as well as our true history and memories. We forgot where we came from, who we are, and why we are here. Pluto is now delivering those remembrances through DNA activations and internal EGO deaths. Many within the 3rd and 4th wave will start to experience the Dark Night of the Soul, as all of the remaining darkness/illusion within our consciousness is brought to the light. 

Between September-November, Pluto will touch back again on the critical degree of 29 degrees Capricorn, and I believe this will be the final collapse of the old world, from the inside out. This is the final time that Pluto will touch on this degree for 250 years and he has promised to deliver the final blow to the systems of enslavement and control. The fact that this will occur during election time here in the US during our Pluto Return is very symbolic and I will do a more in-depth dive on this later in the year. 

5/5 Portal 

Days later on the 5/5 Portal, we will pass through one of the most potent portals of the year. Every year the 5/5 Portal brings rapid change, sudden shifts, surprises and plot twists. It’s fascinating how these portals aligns with the seasons, as Taurus season is always about stability, focus and persistence, yet the cosmos are always shaking things up. The number 5 resonates with Uranus, and thus this portal is always about bringing change where there is resistance, shaking things up that have become dense and stagnant. 

On this day, Saturn will also shift Gene Keys from 63 (the Gene Key of Truth) and into 22 (the Gene Key of Grace). You may remember we had a New Moon in Pisces on March 10th in Gene Key 22, which opened up the 7 Seals of Consciousness. Now Saturn is moving into this Gene Key to bring these 7 Seals into physical manifestation. Saturn does rule karma, and it feels that Humanity will be undergoing some karmic lessons during this time so that they may begin their awakening process. 

New Moon in Taurus

On May 7th, we will have the beautiful New Moon in Taurus at 18 Degrees, which will be conjunct Uranus in Taurus. Venus will also be in Taurus, as well as Jupiter, making this an extremely potent and powerful New Moon. Here again we see the theme of “change” being brought to areas which are passed due for it. Taurus’ archetype is getting an upgrade as Taurus shifts from the stubborn bull who refuses to change course, and often can be quite difficult to work with, and into it’s new archetype of the Empress. 

Slow and steady wins the race with Taurus, but Taurus also knows when they MUST pivot. If something is working, stick with it, if something is not working, you must change it. Taurus represents Mother Earth, and Mother Earth is always adapting and evolving based on what is highest and best for her own healing and ecosystem. This is what we are now learning to do with ourselves, as we return to our connection with our host. 

Full Moon in Sagittarius 

Gemini Season will begin on May 20th, and we will suddenly be filled with air energy as we play, connect, and embrace the light heartedness of Gemini. However, Gemini is an air sign and does rule over our mental body. Many may feel overwhelmed during this Season as we will be called to master our thought systems (Pluto in Aquarius has been teaching us this.) We must know when to let go of the thoughts and thinking and simply be present. 

On May 23rd, we will have the Full Moon in Sagittarius at 2 Degrees, and this will be a soul calling type of Full Moon. Sagittarius wants us to leap into the unknown, to not overthink everything but to jump into the experience itself. Through experience we gain true wisdom, and when we stay open to higher truths and shed all limiting beliefs, we become limitless. We become the beacon of truth and light and help guide others through our wisdom and optimism. This is a very lucky Full Moon ! Venus will shift into Gemini the same day, so both Venus and the Sun will be opposing this Full Moon. 

Jupiter Enters Gemini

The big news of May is that Jupiter will be shifting out of Taurus, where she has been since last May, and into Gemini. This will create a stellium in Gemini between the Sun, Venus + Jupiter! Our brains are getting upgraded during this time, as Gemini is so deeply connected to the mental bodies. We will be called to shed all lower thinking, all logic, analyzation and EGO programming, and instead reconnect our left and right brains into wholeness. 

We can also anticipate a flood of new information to be made available to us, as Gemini rules all things media and communication. Jupiter is a spotlight and whatever she touches, magnifies. Our media, sources of information, and spokespersons will all be under scrutiny during this time, and we also may see new forms of information and media emerge that were not previously available! The fast and rapid spread of information will be on fire during this transit, nothing can remain hidden any longer. 

Gene Key Transits for May 

May 3rd: Jupiter moves from Gene Key 23 to Gene Key 8

May 5th: Saturn moves from Gene Key 63 to Gene Key 22

May 7th: Mercury moves from Gene Key 51 to Gene Key 42

May 11th: The Nodes move from Gene Keys 51 and 57 to Gene Keys 21 (NN) and 48 (SN)

May 13th: The sun and Uranus conjunct in Gene Key 23.5

May 18th: The Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Gene Key 8 

May 24: Pluto moves from Gene Key 41 back to Gene Key 60 until December 

May 28: Mars moves into Gene Key 25 with Neptune


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