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The Divine Feminine has now truly returned and she is going to make Her Presence felt in every form and manner, as the balance is being returned, and the old Patriarchy crumbles at the very core.

With Her Presence comes the Sacred Heart Opening, and the return of the Power of Pure Unconditional Love, compassion, Loving Grace, Harmony, the Music of the Spheres, the Power of Sound, the deepest ONENESS and UNITY, as the Divine Feminine indeed holds all of these and more within her.

It is time now, to go deeply into our Heart Center, and from the core of our Open Sacred Heart, to live, to act, to radiate forth, like a vast inner Central Sun of Illumination.

When you start living from the Sacred Heart and thus within Divine Love and Radiating forth Divine Love, you cannot do, nor be other than Love in action, Love in Being, Love in all forms and expressions thereof.

Where pure unconditional love is present, judgments, duality, polarity ceases to be. There are no THEY anymore \u2013 there is only WE.

The Divine Feminine is bringing healing in its highest forms. She heals the deepest woundedness of humanity. She brings her Purity, her Beauty, her immense powerful Joy into form and being, and with it the Sacred Fires, of the Shekinah.

The more the heart center opens, the more the Highest Christedness returns and with it the deepest insights and understanding, that in truth we all have the power to cocreate a much higher and loving, and heart-centered way of life and living.

She brings back the Sacred Path, the highest, and the path of Pure Unconditional Love. The deepest knowing, that in truth my brother, my sister, are in fact part and particle of myself, as all are part and particle of the Divine Source, and thus all in truth, are ONE.

The Divine Feminine is here to heal, the wounded Masculine, as well as the wounded Feminine and the wounded Child within us all. She is teaching us that the deepest Love, first needs to come within Oneself. For if we cannot love ourselves, into the deepest woundedness, the shadows, and the highest wholeness and light, we cannot love another to the self-same degree!

The more I experience the deepest Divine Love, which is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, All-Embracing, Eternal, Immortal, and way beyond words: - the more I am lifted into the realms of Infinity.

When one has expanded the heart center into Infinity, you cannot shrink it back into the mortal, and the finite. You start living the infinite potential of Divine Love, ever expanding upon itself! There is no end and there is no beginning.

Indeed, it embraces the Alpha and Omega, worlds without end.

The greatest tidings of this time are that we can and are now able to resume our true SOUL, the truth of who and what we are, and step into fullness of the Sacred Heart and the Power of Love, with all that we are, as we are!

The Divine Feminine is there to lead us now back into wholeness, where the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, balance each other out, and brings wholeness and unity in the highest sense!

What a blessing!

What a gift!

Judith Kusel


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