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Galactic Federation of Light-December Update

The Galactic Federation of Light 🛸🛸🌎🛸🛸

Greetings Humankind,

We are Galactic Federation of Light telepathically communicating today through Universal Chanel, and sending our second message about the development of events on Earth.

Since our first report, the new unravellings occurred in the situation on your planet. The important data on Venus was obtained by the commander Teh’ran. The Draconian Entities were in preparations to attack the Light Community and eliminate the main Chess Players.

We are monitoring very closely the situation around Terra Christa and continuously dismantling any nuclear missiles that has been launch from orbit or inside the planet. The Orions tried to sneak their new satellite, which carried the latest mind control technology that could make a healthy person to become mentally ill. The Ashtar Command cap