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Facing the Truth Can be a Bitter Pill

By: Grace Solaris

There is a growing tension and frustration especially amongst those that are informed and awakened to the truth of what is going on. Some people hold on to a slipping "hope" of some kind of divine intervention... a solar flash, or our galactic families landing in their ships to save us.. none of this is going to happen. Full disclosure is not going to happen before you are willing to face your own unwillingness to see and know truth, it will not happen as long as the majorty of humanity refuse to see the truth and add 1 and 1.

The sad thing is even if some saint or whatever would come and display the narrative, the majority of the collective would reject it. The great master Jeshua experienced this frustration in his "glorious" days. The thing is truth cannot be conveyed by anyone... it has to mature from within... it has to "dawn" from has to convey itself.

You cannot be awakened until the soul is mature to awaken and have reached the tipping point of no return, this however often doesn´t happen until your world is turned upside down... your personal world! Many lightworkers are frustrated about, why this global homicide is allowed by God to continue... why is there no divine intervention. Simply because people are not ready to embrace the truth... those that are in charge of the narrative have to expose themselves and their lies and that is exactly why these attrocities against humanity are allowed to "continue". The good news is, the light has already won, however you cannot simply draw the curtain and show what is going on. It just doesn´t work like that. The unawakened and even some of those, that claim they are awakened and serving the light are so deep in denial and repression and caught up in fear... they are actually so addicted to fear and drama, that they will rather turn a blind eye. But facing truth they will... it is a matter of time.

Unfortunately, facing truth can be a bitter pill and surrounded with a lot of drama and trauma as soul is orchestrating the awakening thru suffering, when it sees no further options to be heard.

So the crazier it gets, the more will awaken, so even if it is hard to accept, that is the course that eventually will bring this madness to an end. It is very hard to bear witness to an openly displayed homicide right in front of your eyes. We need to be vigilent to keep up our vibration, but we need to use our voice, we need to step up and get involved on one level or the other. Holding the light and keeping up our vibration is good, but do not fall into the pittfall of spiritual bypassing. Spiritual bypassing is an expression of denial and repression and carries a very low vibration as it originates from fear. Stand tall in your light, do not obey, but speak up when prompted. Offer truth to those that cross your path and then let them go. Set them free.

There is no use in trying to force someone to see the truth, trust in the higher plan and in the soul´s ability to orchestrate awakening to the highest good of each individual. Even the choice of not wanting to see the truth can be the very means and path to see the truth. The choice and free will that we are granted is a gift from On High, what we do with it, is up to each person and we must draw the consequences, that is the learning process that comes with that immesurable gift. We must reap the fruits of what we have sown. We must respond to our ability to choose love over fear. That is taking responsability for our reality.

Do not allow the fear to separate you from your loved ones. Rather trust in love... be like master Jeshua, beloved Issa, who touched the lepers. Consciousness is what determines outcome and the vibration, that corresponds to it. Fear is one of the lowest vibrations that you can hold, whereas love is the highest. Practice spiritual hygiene, keep your vessel high vibrating by cultivating pure thoughts and by being heart centered. Being heart centered is the most important thing, as it is connected to the very origin of love and the portal thru which love flows directly from source.

Whereas if you engage in fear, you drop out of your heart and into your mind AND you unground yourself... you slip out of your body, which makes you vulnerable and proned to attract lower vibrations or psychic attacks. Magnetism is the very nature and energetics of the physical realm. What you vibrate and send out, you will attract. The universe responds one-on-one to what you send out vibrationally.

So be mindful of what you give your energy to. Surround yourself with loving caring high vibrating people, do not engage in negativity or fear based thinking promoted by others... msm or even by friends or relatives. Remove yourself from the situation, if you cannot hold up your vibration. But if you can be loving and caring, hug, touch and radiate love. This is a wonderful contribution to awaken those around you, rather than going into judgement and anger.

Currently there are so many reports of people dropping down dead in their best age with no previous conditions.. right now. I have heard of the first 3 within only 10 days amongst people that are known to my family or close relations.

Judy Mikowich immuneologist and PhD in her latest video is again sending out a great warning to NOT take the jab. This woman knows what she is talking about,as she has been working in the lab with all the artificially man m a d (e) deadly vi rusis es back in the 80´s with H I V, swine flu, E b o l a, S A R S and all those that followed. Do your own research if you care about your children and future generations.

However standing in your light, eating healthy, cultivating pure mind and heart is the best antidote to keep your vibration high and will support your immune system in countering all that is genetically modified and contrarary to your divine blueprint.

There are also remedies out there to support healing and also prevent or minimize damage of your dna and dis-ease. Pine Tree tea is one option, which I have previously posted about. Other remedies is ivermectin and hydroxychoroyquine, star anis and other naturel remedies apart from Vit C and D and Zink.

Some weeks ago I hosted a global group activation with the Arcturians with 860 pioneers of light kick ass groundcrew to support humanity in rising in frequency and upgrade the dna with a peptide and T-cell antidote to counter the current attack on our dna thru the jabby jabs. The feedback after the activation has been enormous and amazing. After having received almost daily requests and inquiries by people over the past 3 weeks, who missed the activation, I have been guided to host a second group activation soon. So I will create the event and post event link in the coming days (is provided below). In case you already participated, you are welcome to join again for a deepening of the clearing and activation if so guided. Thru the group forcefield we can generate a massive focal point of divine intent to anchor in this upgraded dna into the quantum field.

It is time to rise and embrace your true might, to become the intouchable ones.... thy shall do greater things. You are the life, the way and the truth. This is the truth of who you are. You are galactic master disguised in human form and you came here at this very time to remember this and to reverse the narrative and end the mental slavery that has brought humanity to the edge of its extinction. Do not buy into the lie, that you are a victim... that you are powerless... you are the mighty I Am that I Am, no more no less, but they do not want you to know this and this is what have given them power of you.... those 1% that runs this planet thru fear and division since thousands of years. YOU need to end this by choosing love over fear again and again and again and again... no fear is great enough to conquer love. Such is the law. It is nothing to do with faith, but pure physics. Own who you truly are, get off your knees and kick ass. It´s time.

Grace Solaris

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