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December First Wavers Report: All Darkness Returns to Light

November showed to be a powerful, catalyzing and intense month of energies. Since the 11/11 Crystalline Timeline Activation we have been witnessing the change in energies. As this timeline began anchoring through the First Wavers, the old timelines/grids began to rapidly collapse. This has been showing up in our collective and personal experiences as sudden breaks with people, places, things, ideas, and systems that no longer resonate.

As we enter the final month of 2023, we are halfway through the Eye of the Needle transition which will complete on January 20th, 2024, as Pluto enters Aquarius and leaves Capricorn behind. This represents the drastic shift between the powers of the old and the powers of the new. December carries with it very special codes that will be preparing us for the exit of the Eye of the Needle and the beginning of the New Paradigm. December is “The Flip” energies, represented by the Hanged Man of the Tarot Deck.

As the changing of the guard occurs, the old powers that relied on illusion, greed, control, and corruption no longer have any sustaining energy to siphon from. The new powers are that of Humanity, creativity, authenticity, community and the Aquarian Codes of unity. December is when the world will turn on its head. The Poles are shifting literally and figuratively, which represents this change in paradigm.

The Hanged Man gives us the message of The Flip. The old paradigm was based in fear (EGO mind), while the new paradigm is based in love (consciousness). What happens when everything you THOUGHT you knew, is not real? What happens when those you judged turn out to be the ones who have been serving the highest good? What happens when your belief systems suddenly collapse? What happens when logic and rational thinking can no longer make sense of what is happening? We have shared many times that even the First Wavers will be surprised by what is revealed during this transition. All darkness is returning to light, and this will change our perspective completely.

Humanity began undergoing a collective EGO death after the 11/11 Portal, completing the final death on 11/30. This has all occurred energetically, but will begin to be seen in December. The EGO and all of it’s logical and rational thinking will no longer apply, forcing all to navigate through their heart and intuition instead. All blame, judgment, projection and beliefs about “the way things are”, will be completely shattered. We shall open up to an entirely new, much higher and more expanded perspective of our world and ourselves. The truth is that all things serve the Light, even when we cannot see it.

The Divine Plan is an intricate woven, brilliant web of miracles and synchronistic events. Spiderwoman/Source began weaving this new Web of Light in November, and December is when this Web of Light will now ACTIVATE. It’s LIGHTS ON for Humanity, it is time to wake from their slumber. The allegory of Plato’s Cave comes to me, as one becomes so used to seeing shadows on the wall they believe that it is real. When the lights come on and the shadows disappear, we are left with the realization that all was not as it appeared to be.

December is warming us up for the theme of 2024 which is “Truth is Stranger than Fiction.” 2024 is also the year of the Dragon and an 8 Universal Year. Many believe the Dragons to be folklore or myth, yet the Dragons are an integral archetype of Humanity. We once walked the earth with the Dragons, who represent POWER. True power is of the heart, and is never used against another. The Dragon energy lives within our DNA and will be activating next year, returning Humanity to their true power as Co-Creators of Source and of this Planet. The 8 year heightens this intensity as the 8 is also about power, how it’s used and what it is used for. The 8 represents abundance and limitless possibilities.

For First Wavers, the month of December is a time to truly reflect on your journeys and let go of your previous missions. It is time for the next mission, and this requires us to step into our true power, the power of love and Source. Release all energies of guilt, shame, regret, anger, resentment, blame, and projection. Third Eyes + Crown Chakras will be undergoing a major opening, allowing us to finally transcend our limited perspective and see the higher perspective. Universal love, universal forgiveness and universal compassion will flow through us like a waterfall, as we all hold steady and stabilize the Rainbow Bridge between Heaven and Earth.

As the Collective enters their Dark Night of the Soul, all wavers will be called to be in divine surrender and become master processors. Heavy emotions, lower thoughts and density will be releasing in mass amounts and we are called to hold the Light. Do not hold onto anything. Do not take anything personally. Trust and faith are our new foundations, as Source, the Galactics and our Angel Teams are here to assist us like never before. We shall have no fear as we walk through the final exit point of darkness, home into the Light.


What we do not talk about often enough on this Ascension journey is grief. Even though we are aware of the miracles happening, and we understand the process of Ascension, we are also in a constant state of grieving. Grieving of the old ways of life that no longer make sense, grieving of our old self identities that no longer resonate, grieving relationships that no longer align. It is a heavy month of processing this grief, but a necessary and sacred process as well.

This month, we will be hosting our Etheric Surgery Seminar on the 12/12 Portal, with a specific focus on clearing grief from the body and how to support ourselves through this process. The Etheric Surgery Seminar will focus on the detoxing of the Etheric Bodies, implant removals, as well as the healing and recovery of our energetic bodies. We are being called to level up in our ability to process and integrate, and it is vital and important that we all care for our physical, emotional and mental bodies this month.

If you are guided to join our Etheric Surgery Seminar, please RSVP:


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