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December 2023 Energy Report

By: Jennifer Hoffman


It feels like we just rolled into a new month after a wild ride through November and here we are at the end of 2023. Frankly, I am glad to see this year end, it has been a tough one. But the past 4 years has been tough all around and we have been living in a demented, disjointed, and seriously disrupted reality since late 2019. Normal will return in 2024 but we’re going to see some big changes and shifts, and they have already started.

December opens with some great energy and a month that has a double 10 value is going to give us ample opportunity to clear out, step up, move on, and move out of anything that is no longer aligned with our truth, intention, energy, and priorities. No force here, but we simply can no longer tolerate people and situations, on the individual and global levels, whose values are not aligned with ours, with the light, and with the truth of our divinity.

It’s a new month and a brand new vibe. We get to experience the full effect of our spiritual human this month so let’s gear up for the blessings and line up to receive our share. And December begins with 3 big events that set the stage for a fantastic month. That’s what is happening in the December energy report.

December starts with a huge energy wave because of 3 events that happened in the last week of November. The first was the November 27 full moon in Gemini, which I described as being ‘karma on steroids’. The second was a huge near X-class solar flare on November 28 which was a big surprise and brought in a huge influx of high vibe energy and light. And the third was November 29 when Henry Kissinger’s death was announced. Someone told me when I was hosting the Enlightening Life LIVE broadcast and the first words out of my mouth were ‘hallelujah’. I have been waiting to hear of his demise for at least 10 years.

That night, when I went to bed, my guides told me to get back up because I had energy work to do. Kissinger’s death released an important and key pillar of 3D density on the planet and his removal meant that we could bring in a vast amount of light that had been blocked before.

I will spend some time talking about him and his evil and monstrous impact on the world in this energy report because we must never allow this level of evil to become entrenched in our geopolitical world again. Hundreds of millions of people died because of Kissinger, whose gruesome focus on forever wars, political destabilization, and socio economic manipulation caused death and destruction around the world.

Name any war, famine, depression, coup, or genocide in the last 70 years and his name is associated with it. He is also mentor to both Klaus Schwab of the WEF and George Soros. That should tell you something about the evil he embodied. But he’s dead and we are rid of him and his energy. The bright side is that there is no one to take his place, as that level of 3D density has dis-integrated and decayed into oblivion. Now we need to bring in the light to fill that 3D density block and usher in a new era and paradigm of peace.

December is both a pinnacle and a precipice. We are at a pinnacle of the ascension cycle, achieving great heights of awareness and spiritual integration. But we are also at a precipice where it could all fall into the abyss of despair and dissolution because of the immense pressure of the density we fight against and the fear of failure. We have achieved huge victories in this ascension cycle but we have also made great sacrifices. And in December we have a chance to review it all before we begin a great cycle in 2024.

December 2023 is a 10 numerology vibe but it’s a double 10 because as we have seen since October, the word December actually refers to 10 (deca means 10). Before the calendar was changed in 1751, March was the first month of the year and December was the 10th month. The names did not change when the months were displaced so we have a 10 value for December and this month 12 2023 is also a 10.

10 is 1 + 0, referring to the staff of action and the sphere of unlimited potential. 1 and 0 activate the morphogenic field (remember this from the IDEA – The Bridge from Intention to Manifestation program). 0 is not nothing, it is no thing, the deep stillness of absolute energetic potential which waits for our word to manifest into reality. The morphogenic field is the energetic field of pure potential, pure energy waiting to become form.

This is a great place to be as we end a year and several big energy cycles. If you’re feeling relief as December starts, I’m there with you. This has not been an easy year and in fact, it has been rough since 2019. That’s when my health issues started and if you have been following me here or on social media, you know that I have suffered from extreme chronic pain for the past 4 years and have just started to see healing and get relief. It has not been pleasant.

But this has been a tough year for so many of us, as we have braved health, financial, family, relationship, and other personal and professional issues. It has seemed like it would never stop, that we would never overcome the challenges and that we would never see the daylight of freedom, joy, peace, and love again after being in so much darkness. And here we are, the lights are on and it’s time for a new paradigm.

December’s theme continues what we have been experiencing since August, as the rollout of energy continues to take us wider and higher into the ascension path. The farther we delve into the ascension energy the more we increase our vibration and connect with higher dimensions of energy. In August we had the inflection point, followed by September’s Convergence, October’s Catharsis, and November’s Reclamation.

Now in December we have Restoration as we prepare to move into 2024, a year I believe will be so much easier and less challenging and problematic than we have seen in quite some time. And Restoration is a great theme to have in December since we have lost touch with the basic aspects of ourselves after the mayhem and madness of the past few years. From one day to the next the world changed and yes some of those changes have forever altered our world view but they have made us less trusting, less naïve, and more discerning of who and what we share our energy with.

The events of the past few years has also brought to light the need to be empowered, congruent, unbreakable, and very clear in our intention, alignment, and embodiment of energy.

To restore means to return to existence, to bring back, to refresh, renew, refurbish, and re-vibe. What we will discover this month is that some things cannot be restored, they have completed their journey with us and are beyond their use-by date. Other things that we have forgotten, ignored, or left by the wayside will call to us because it is time to bring them back. Some of those things include our joy, power, energy, affection, trust, and commitment. If we have been committed to things that are not aligned with our own joy and potential, we won’t be able to restore them especially if that means we have to lose part of ourselves in the process.

What has been made clear to us is that some of our relationships were with people and situations that were dependent on us in some form, whether we supplied the joy, the energy, the path, paradigm, and the expectations which allowed the relationship to exist. We supplied those elements and then waited for the relationship to become what we wanted. Well, it didn’t quite work out and we were often left with our unfulfilled expectations and nothing else to reward our loyalty, commitment, and hard work.

What do we restore in our lives? Let’s start with our divine blueprint and dust off the potential that we have to create a life we love. Then our self esteem, which can take quite a hit when we realize that we have just worked hard to create a relationship that someone else was using for their benefit.

Our joy, which was invested in future benefits instead of present realities.

Our peace of mind and heart, which doesn’t get renewed or restored in relationships that we do all of the work in.

And finally, our energetic congruence and sovereignty, which we have overdrawn to promote others’ well-being, only to find we are out of energy assets when it’s time to power our dreams.

In this month of Restoration we can take time to re-examine our lives and reconnect to the divine blueprint of empowerment, joy, peace, and love that is our energy source and resource. It is our energy source because this is where our empowerment originates. It doesn’t come from other people, from success or achievement, it comes from our inner wellspring of energy and potential that we often forget we have.

It’s time to remove the blocks from our wellspring of energy and get it flowing again. And it is our resource because this is where we should turn when we are ready for a new paradigm. If we remember that our reality is an energetic manifestation, we would never forget to consider the energy first when we’re considering a change or transformation.

And to support our Restoration we have a Mercury retrograde in December, starting on the 14th and going direct January 1, 2024. Yes this means you should be careful with holiday gifts, plans, and travel but it also means you’ll have revelations and an opportunity to be more selective in who you spend your time with. Truth seems to pop up out of nowhere with Mercury retrograde, especially when it involves Sagittarius.

We get some Venus action in 3 signs in December, as it is in Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius during the month. Watch relationships go through some quick changes and that may include your own feelings about relationships, all of this is going through a lot of changes now as we re-assert our will and our well-being in our relationships.

Remember sneaky Neptune hanging out in Pisces since 2011? It has been a silent force in this ascension cycle that we have not given a lot of thought to but Neptune in Pisces acts like the slow, steady water leak under the floor boards that you do not notice until the floor breaks under your feet. It goes direct on December 4 and now we get some spiritual support on this journey. Remember the Jupiter Neptune conjunction of April 2022 (that seems like such a long time ago). It happens every 150 years and always heralds a spiritual awakening and revival. That energy is still with us and will be more actively manifested in 2024.

We also have Jupiter going direct on December 31, better late than never, as it completes its long retrograde. Now we start seeing what blessings Jupiter can conjure up in Taurus as it works with Saturn to help us ground our spiritual powers into huge blessings. We will see that in early 2024 too.

On December 12 we have a new moon in Sagittarius which is going to open a window to new truth into our lives and invite some optimism and action. Mars is conjunct this new moon so take advantage of the fire sign warmth and energy even though Mercury goes retrograde on that date.

Then on December 26 we have a full moon at 4 Cancer and it’s a little more challenging. It’s a few days after Christmas, which can be a challenging time, and we’re going to have a Mercury/Neptune square that will dispel any illusions and bring us back to reality, with Mercury still in retrograde. And it’s also aspecting Saturn in Pisces, reminding us to ground our spiritual energy into the reality we live in and live with.

Let’s not forget the solstice on December 21 with all of this action, when we turn to Capricorn season and the shortest day of light of the year as we hunker down for a cold winter until the Equinox in March.

The last week of 2023 is a powerful one with a Mercury/Mars conjunction in Sagittarius that squares Neptune all week. Karma is going to be active then so pay attention to the karmic lessons, connections, and reminders to let go and start a new karma-free path.

If we have had any illusions or deceptions or have not been facing our reality and our truth, we’ll get a heads up from the Universe then, which generally involves some lessons, upsets, challenges, and reminders to rein in our expectations and start putting more focus on intention and our needs. Time to end our karma and step into 5D creation, now’s the time.

The year ends with a blessing though, as Jupiter goes direct on December 31 and we end this year on a positive note. It has been a long, tough year and I am also glad to see it end.

This is the season where we can spend a lot of time in the past, remembering old holiday memories, spending time with people we do not see very often, and it’s also the end of the calendar year which can be a time of regret, resentment, and reviewing the year’s choices and decisions. You can do that now just stay out of judgment, be clear in your own intentions and you have to learn to put yourself first, to honor your needs, and to say no to things that do not serve you as you look forward to fresh starts in 2024.


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