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Astro Energy Update: Winter Solstice~The Return to the Sacred

By: Archeia Aurora

As we wind down to the end of the year, we are entering a portal of stillness. This Winter Solstice feels incredibly different than any previous year. The Astro Weather has delivered us a Polar Ice Vortex, covering 48 states here in the US into below freezing temperatures. Almost the entire country will be experiencing a White Christmas, with frigid temperatures well below zero.

Weather is consciousness, and Mother Earth always delivers what is needed. This Polar Ice Vortex is bringing both magic and medicine. With the cold comes stillness, and as we prepare to enter the Winter Solstice Portal we will be crystallized into a pure, and sacred energy. It is much like a winter wonderland forest. Beautiful, painful, profound and filled with silence. We are returning to the Sacred way of life. This is what 2023 will be all about.

What events this brings is up to the Divine Plan, but the vision I have repeatedly had, is an energy wave, a Sacred Pulse, that suddenly stops the world in its tracks. For a moment...maybe many moments.. there will be a hard pause in the collective consciousness. The busy, distracted, avoidant way of the EGO life can go on no longer. Too many are stuck in the comfort of the status quo... others cannot be still for long enough to tune into their own soul. Humanity is consumed with external distractions and addictions, leading them further and further into the decaying consciousness of the 3D.

Today, we will experience the last of the energy brought by Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter, our brilliant planet of the feminine warrior. Jupiter is expansive, wildly optimistic, filled with blind faith in the divine, & willing to go to the ends of the Earth to reach the highest truth...and to live it. Jupiter previously entered Aries earlier this year, at the end of May. We experienced a temporary boost in our Aries energy... our inner warrior and courageous higher selves. Then on August 8th, Jupiter went retrograde and our inner worlds collapsed. Many of us felt despair and utter suffering for what we are experiencing on this planet. This was a necessary fall into the depths of our remaining doubts and fears... our preference for death rather than life.

Jupiter then retrograded back into Pisces on November 23rd, 2022, helping to clear out the last of our psychic clutter. All of our illusions, fears, distortions & belief systems came right back into focus. We once again had to dive into the most uncomfortable crevices of our psyche. Now, on December 20th, 2022, Jupiter will finally say goodbye to Pisces and enter Aries to finish out the mission we began back in May/June. Our inner warrior just got a second wind.. and this time we're going all the way to the finish line.

Just after Jupiter enters Aries we will enter the Winter Solstice Portal on December 21st, 2022. We will be experiencing a very visceral merging of the original 2012 Ascension timeline which was initiated on December 21st, 2012. That timeline will now become activated and the Ascension Timeline, the Organic Timeline, will hit a boost and we will be propelled onto the Accelerated Gateway of 2023.

Then, on December 23rd, 2022 we will have our last New Moon of the year occurring in 1 degree Capricorn. Capricorn is such a sacred sign, as it not only represents the Earth element, but it relishes in self-work. Capricorn has the ability to tune into the inner stillness and listen to that inner voice that says "keep going." Our stamina is returning, as we will need it for the upcoming transition. This New Moon will also herald the return of the Goddess Energies, the Divine Mother will be making her entrance back into the collective consciousness. With her, will be the true Divine Father energies, those which were hijacked by the Cabal in their misuse of the Capricornian & Saturnian energies.

At the same time, we will have Chiron, the wounded healer moving direct at 11 Degrees Aries. We already can see a divine numerology pattern occurring with the degrees-111 Key Code. The 1 energies are new, fresh, clean slate, initiative, action, leadership, and passion. Chiron has been transiting Aries since 2018, and has been in retrograde since July, triggering our collective rage, self-importance, and weaknesses. Now, Chiron will be turning direct at the dawning of this New Moon, making a loose square. Our collective wounds are now ready to heal as we plant the seeds for our next mission.

This would be the best time to find an inner sense of stillness, to slow down. Get in tune with yourself, who you TRULY are and what you TRULY want. Is the path you're on aligned with your soul? Do you know what needs to change but have refused to do it? Are you playing small while your soul wants to play big? Are you choosing fear over love? Are you ready to take accountability for your path? Are you ready to fulfill your mission?

We are simplifying now. Cutting out everything and anything that is not relevant, is burdensome, doesn't serve us, and doesn't light up our soul. We are returning to the feminine energies. We are returning home to ourselves. At the same time, our divine masculine energies are being fully anchored as we prepare to take up the mantle one last time, knowing deep down this cannot be stopped. We will be successful. It is already done.

Victory to the Light.

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