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Angel Messages, as received by Bobby

This card came up at the end of reading for a being yesterday. This morning, the card again jumped out of the deck, and the book with the description was already open to the Seahorse, on page 157. My back is tingling as I type these words. It is clearly a message for All.

ANGELS: In these moments, we must master the art of taking a step back and observing.

As beings begin their own journeys, we must reheart that it will not look like we expect, so release all expectations for we are in the Unknown, as in this has never been done before. Do not let others pull you into their journey. Observe, assist when guided, and do not attach to their outcomes. We can "do more harm than good" by injecting out beliefs or feelings into how someone should proceed.

Reheart that We are One, yet we are individual to our own soul's purpose. In other words, what works for you will not always be the answer for others. We are tempted by our EGOs to "jump into the frey" and try to "fix" things, however the Angels are saying this will only cause more chaos. The highest way to assist our brothers and sisters is to allow each one to have their own unique experience to find their own way. Only in a classroom are we told the answers, which is not the way God created us. We have all the knowledge already. Keep opening new doors to unlock the information you seek.


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