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May 2021- Eclipse Time Is Back Baby, Earthly Pleasures That Lead to Whimsical Fantasies, The Past Returns But ...A Change Is A Comin

Welcome to May 2021!

We are literally over a quarter of the way through the year already! How the hell did this happen? Is it me or does 2021 seem like a rocket blasting out of space? I guess considering 2020 was so ssssllllooowww, everything just seems like it happening super quickly this year.

May 2021 is sure to be a month to remember. May in fact happens to be my favorite month of the year. The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and the weather( at least here in the Northern Hemisphere) is becoming warmer and more pleasant. Venus rules over this season and it raises hope and faith again. At least that is my personal experience.

May 2021 at least for the first half is quite pleasant and serene. The second half is a mixed bag.

We have now entered eclipse season and this is where things can get turned upside down, flipped over with miracles and mayhem sure to ensue. Eclipses always represent change, unexpected events and reversals. I personally love them( I am a Uranian being of change) as they hold a special kind of magic and promise. By the middle part of May, we will begin to feel the rumblings of such change.

This next eclipse cycle still involves the Sagittarius/Gemini axis. Both signs deal with: communication, education, excitement, movement, malleability and progress.

If you happen to have your: Sun, Moon, Ascendant or IC(4th house cusp) DC (7th house cusp) MC (10th house cusp) or even personal planets(Mercury-Mars) in Gemini and Sagittarius, prepare for life to change in big and massive ways.

The closer your planets/angles are to the actual degree of the eclipses( 5 degrees of Sag and 19 degrees of Gemini) then these changes will be even more dramatic and life altering.

Don't be afraid. The best way to plan for eclipses is through surrender and grace. Sometimes the universe knows best if we trust her to lead us to where we are meant to land. Even if we didn't originally plan on it. I personally have my Ascendant at 1 degree of Sagittarius so if you are jittery in your boots, you aren't alone my lovely, lol. Even if you don't have Gemini or Sagittarius within the mentioned planets/angles, you will still be impacted by these upcoming eclipses. Hold on and get ready for one HELL of a ride! Again.. the only way OUT is THROUGH. It is about to get gnarly so hold onto your we GO!

By Astromomma


All of Creation Is watching Earth and witnessing its Ascension Process.

They are ready, ready for this Planet to be Declared a Light Only Zone. All of Humanity are called upon now to Step Up in fulfillment of their Divine Soul Contract. The dark has been cleared, fully defeated and New Earth, Nova Terra, is ready to begin. This requires each Being to fully clear the remaining density within their bodies, to awaken to full remembrance of their Galactic Truth, their Soul Essence, their Divine Blueprint. This is not a Drill, in Real Time, Present Moment of Now Mother of All Creation has ascended and she is Our Divine Director, Our Eternal Mother. She hired you for this role and She is here to guide you. Mother has the entire Galactic Federation of Light and all the Angels with Her in all moments. She also has Her guide/ambassador Robin Williams and Master St. Germain by Her side.

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