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12/12 Portal: The Point of No Return

12/12 Portal New Moon in Sagittarius THE POINT OF NO RETURN


The 12/12 Portal is the final portal of the year, and always occurs during Sagittarius Season. The number 12 reduces to 3, so we have a strong trinity energy to this portal. The number 12 is also a very sacred number often connected to the energies of completion and divinity. We see the number 12 appear in the Bible as the number of disciples, we see the number 12 designated as the mark between morning and evening, and we see our current calendar aligned with the 12 month cycle. Completions, endings + revelations often come through the 12/12 Portal and this year is very special as we will have a New Moon in Sagittarius on the same day. 


The New Moon in Sagittarius will occur at 20 degrees and is setting us on a new path of awakening. Since the 11/11 Crystalline Timeline activation we have witnessed the beginning of the Great Awakening. This is the time for the remaining masses of Humanity to begin their awakening process as we finish the Eye of the Needle transit of Pluto in Capricorn. For most of December, Pluto will be stationed at the critical 29 degrees of Capricorn before moving into Aquarius on January 20th, 2024. The old Matrix system is collapsing internally + externally, and this is triggering the following: 


*Collective EGO Death

*Collective Awakening/Remembering


As the Collective passes through their first initiation, those who are holding the line as the First and Second wavers are being bombarded with the processing of lower thoughts and emotions. We are all ONE within the collective consciousness and thus we are all tasked with assisting in this massive processing. As shared in the previous update, this month there is a huge focus on the energies of Grief. When one begins to awaken and go through their first EGO death, they naturally pass through the 7 stages of Grief. We grieve all that we thought was true but turned out to be illusion. We grieve our old sense of self and identity. We also grieve the old world in which we were so attached, but is quickly slipping away. 


This month, on the 12/12 Portal, we will be hosting our monthly Etheric Surgery Seminar with a specific focus on the release of Grief from the body, as well as the complete detox of our Etheric Bodies to clear all interference and implants.


The 7 Stages of Grief are a helpful tool in understanding the emotions and energies we are all collective processing. 


Stage 1: Shock (this can result in glitching of the mind + confusion)


Stage 2: Denial (this can result is blame + projection) 


Stage 3: Anger (this can result in judgement + rage)


Stage 4: Bargaining (this can result in one trying to analyze or justify) 


Stage 5: Depression (this can result in a sense of hopelessness) 


Stage 6: Testing (this can result in one seeking help or guidance) 


Stage 7: Acceptance (this results in the purification + transformation of grief) 


Understanding this process will be essential for all Wavers, as we collectively undergo this massive transition and transformation. Universal compassion, forgiveness and love will be essential. As all darkness comes to light, judgment will be dissolved in empathy, as we make space for all of Humanity to find their own light within. The 12/12 Portal + New Moon in Sagittarius will also be anchoring in Divine Will on the planet, as there is no longer “free will” on this plane. Sagittarius holds the ultimate faith, the VISION, and does not steer away from it’s core truth. This is a dawning of Revelations, and once they dawn, they cannot be forgotten. We are now at the point of no return. The Great Remembering has begun. 


The following is an excerpt from the Book, “360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny” by Ellias Lonsdale on the 20-21st Degree of Sagittarius: 


Blessed. Surrounded by every opportunity in the world. Granted to meet in life that which can revitalize and restore and reawaken what was lost, stuck, stopped. We are here entering the mystery of soul remembrance. What does it mean when we can recall in fragrant fashion all good and essential things, and can never forget them? What does it do for us when over and again we are immersed in especially painful and enduring lessons and repetitive experiences, yet throughout it all we feel and know inside that we can come through and that everybody can come through? What this does it tap a storehouse of Spirit Spark that is right here, available whenever we are ready to surrender to its depth of power. The Christ dwells inside this frequency. It’s a rhythm, a pulse, a knack. Once you get it, you can’t lose it. Then you know new birth in all things. 


So we stay plugged in to the subtle web of weaving between self and world. The collective becomes the self, and the self in turn is quintessentially there for what everybody is going through. It’s so very tricky to operate this way. Very few can hold the balance. Most times we forget who we are. We become our world and wonder whatever happened to us. Or we can retire into our own hidden places and lose the world altogether. The skill we must master here is an advanced one. It involves simultaneously, fluently, and in the very moment becoming self becoming world, breathing out, breathing in, with no further preferences or special desire clusters. We need to authentically be at one wit the life pulse.” 


On the 12/12 Portal both the Sun + Moon will also be in Gene Key 26 which is known as the “Sacred Trickster”. It is here in this Gene Key that we see the tricks of the EGO and they no longer work on us. The shadow of this Gene Key is Pride, which also carries the Gift of Artfulness + the Siddhi of Invisibility. The following are excerpts from the Book “The Gene Keys”, by Richard Rudd: 


“The power of will is actually a magical power-it is quite literally your ability to harness the power of light and project it through your body as action, thought and words. It is the key to manifesting your dreams on the material plane. However, there are two types of will-there is your will, which as we shall is an illusion, and then there is thy will..Your will is the foundation of human pride-it is the belief that you as an individual can control the forces of nature and come out on top…but it is at the 26th Gene Key that finds all shortcuts through the matrix. Such shortcuts or wormholes allow human beings to operate at higher frequencies to break the normal laws of the material place. The deepest sadness of all is that this 26th Gene Key contains such effortless magic, but it is effectively negated by the deep-seated and false belief that you cannot get anywhere in life except by sheer force of will. 


Inside the coils of your DNA your higher purpose lies concealed. You cannot force that purpose out into the world by sheer force of will. Your higher purpose can only manifest when you surrender your individual will to nature as a whole. But at the higher frequency, freed from fear, the 26th Gift sells itself through love. This is heart marketing. The 26th Siddhi dissolves all sense of individual will. Everything in the cosmos is driven by a single turbine and surrender to this impulse renders the individual ego invisible-not just your own ego, but everyone else’s ego as well. The whole game just falls away. To dance with the 26th Siddhi is to let go of all agendas. Laugher is the true legacy of the 26th Siddhi.”


As we enter this 12/12 Portal Gateway, many will be receiving sudden revelations, sudden awakenings which will begin the 7 Stages of Grief. For many First + Second Wavers you will also be receiving new instructions and new soul contracts. 2024 will herald new missions for all. We are now merging with the Divine Will rather than self will, as the Divine has already decreed this planet to Ascend, along with all of Humanity. 


Once you awaken, you can never go back. Once the light as been turned on it can never be turned off. It can dim in moments, but it shall never burn out. This is the point of no return. The Divine Comedy is truly unfolding, and we all are playing our divine role in this Play. Later this month, we will host our monthly Angel Chip Activation Seminar in which we will collectively be activating the divine codes that lay dormant in our DNA. Our true memories, true history that can never be forgotten. 


This New Moon will also be trine to the North Node in Aries + South Node in Libra, creating a destiny activation for the collective. The following day, Mercury will go retrograde at 8 degrees Capricorn, also in loose conjunction to the asteroid Fortuna in Capricorn. Our fortune + our future is there for us to remember, to bring into physical manifestation. What dreams have we forgotten? What soul purpose have we been running from? 


Do you remember? 




For those guided to join, the Etheric Surgery Seminar will begin on December 12th, 2023 with Part 1 of the Process, and Part 2 will complete the surgery on December 19th, 2023. For all those guided to join, I look forward to seeing you there. 


The following lower energetic implants/chips will be dissolved: 

*The Sabotage + Self-Sabotage Chip

*Mimic Chip

*Brain Rewire Chip

*Bully Chip

*Abuse + Abandonment Chip

*Glitch Chip

*Dishonor Chip

*Witch/Warlock Chip

*Revenge Chip

*Hatred of God Chip

*DNA Manipulation Chip

*Star of David (Inverted) Chip 

*Annihilation Chip 


We will also be clearing + activating the 13 Chakra System

*Earth Star Chakra

*Root Chakra

*Sacral + Naval Chakra

*Solar Plexus Chakra

*Heart Chakra + Higher Heart Chakra

*Throat Chakra

*3rd Eye Chakra

*Crown Chakra

*Causal Chakra

*Soul Star Chakra

*Stellar Gateway Chakra


This is a live Zoom Seminar in which we will guide all participants through the Etheric Surgery Process + share guidance and insight on further energetic body healing. 

Equal Energy Exchange $22.22




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