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By: Mother of All Creation


Through An Inner Vision In 2010, A Representative for Your Realm Handed Us a Crystal Ball, within this Carried Humanity’s Complete Awakening and The New Earth Manifesting Into the Physical Manifest with All of You. Heaven on Earth WINS! This Prayer to Love and vision has Been Answered and manifested, through our Last Stargate. YEEHAW~ Blessings To All.

Greetings Love Beings, Light Beings, God Beings, Our Children In Creation, Be In Joy. We Are Gods, WE Are God walking On this Planet With You. We Have Brought Heaven With US and this Energy IS transforming the Planet Very Quickly into The Paradise She Truly Is. This is The Gift of Who WE All Are. Since Our Last Events these last 2 weeks of have Activated the planet on Many Levels. HUMANITY IS NOW Stepping Into Spirit=The New Earth. The Wings Will Open and they Will Remember Their Godhood, SO BE IT AND SO THIS IS TO BE~

As this Stargate Continues to Open Wider and Wider, If You Are Awake, You will Experience Heaven during these Moments. You will Be Immersed Into the Eternal Flow with Love, as You Have Passed Through the Veil into Spirit. ALL THAT IS not Real cannot enter into this Energy of Pure Consciousness~

NOW IS THE MOMENT TO LET GO AND Be the Divine Intelligence you are. Love has arrived In as A Tidal Wave, A Spirit Energy, That Is Accomplishing the Final Cleanse of The Planet.

We Are One, With Added Uniqueness. We Are All Unique, just as every Snowflake and every Atom is Unique. Each Atom is One With The Creator, Immersed in Unconditional Love=Source. Each Atom of this Planet Is You, Shining Brilliantly~

~Only Energy Fields of the Highest Vibrational frequency Exist in the Present Moment Of Now and Only What Is Real Can Enter into Spirit. AS Heaven, We are Spirit. We have Brought this Into The Physical Manifest Realm. Everyone Ready for the Inevitable? ~

All lines that were drawn in the sand Are Now dissolved. There are no lines on a map either, the world is flat, the Planet is Multi~dimensional. The world is not the Planet and the Planet is not the world. The Planet Is Real, and Love Is Everywhere Present, undeniably So. Father God and I have Walked Out of the Center of the Magnetic field to Come to You, With The Presence of Now=Heaven On Earth. We Have Brought All of Creation With US, They All Insisted on Coming In as we Stepped into The Physical Realm.

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What is the Ultimate Solution for the Situation on this Planet, currently? The Situation Being We have Divine Intelligence walking on the Planet acting like they are a socially programmed ego mind. What is the Solution for the Situation the Planet is in? Everyone Waking Up!!! That Is the Solution. Waking Up Is Waking Up into Love.

Whenever you put theory into practical application and it becomes Reality, that’s a BIG YES!!

Reality then Appears!!

~Creation is an Energy Factor that Creates and Creates More and More Free Energy From Source. Source Likes that Because it Tickles Source. We Are Made of Love, in a Simultaneous Event that Made Us All Oneness. There were no banks, there Are Just Waves of Energy of Love Everywhere Present. This is what has Now Returned to Planet Earth=Heart~

The Grand Events Which Have Occurred~ We have gone through into Spirit Taking Planet Earth with US. We have walked through from the Center of the Magnetic field, Creating an Energy Like the Sun, Where Like Attracts Like and the rest leaves. The Mind cannot exist in the Queendom of Heaven. The Ethics Train is Moving at a Speed like that of your Atomic Bomb Explosion, except the other way, inside out. The Biggest Tidal wave yet is coming in, Pure Consciousness Energy, This Wave, which does arrive at peak NOW~

All of Your Right Brains, which Are Your Higher Selves, Are Walking up to the left brains and saying, “Hey Buddy Hello!! We are One Now, and Love is in charge!” Left brain then dissolves into One. Super Consciousness Enters, Full Consciousness is Engaged. This Energy IS flowing through Your Pineal Glands Sending In the Codes of Your Awakening. Hello Everyone Welcome Back!!

More Grand Events~ There is Going to Be an immediate breakdown of the infrastructure of the system of ignorance. Creation is giving back to ignorance, what ignorance tried to do to Creation. This is effective immediately with All Decrees Activated. The Divine Plan is In Full Motion, Like a BOOM!!

The Inner Earth Beings, and All of the Elemental Kingdoms are Cheering, Big Changes are On the Horizon, Look towards the Sun within Your Heart and You Will See US! ALL of US. We came Here to Share with Human Consciousness, All Love Is, which is The Oneness of The ALL. If You Can See That Everything Around you Is Love, You have Got It. TRULY SO!

Synchronic Events Fully Activated, Ready for Lift Off!! Starships Engage In First Contact!!! They are Now Fully Engaged!

We Are All Born In the Same Moment. In that Moment We Expand throughout Eternity within The ALL That Is. The All That Is Everything, That Moment IS Now and that Moment Has Come. Would You Like Some? It’s Unlimited..

WE Love you with the Highest Love, Honor and Respect. WE Love you Unconditionally. Love Mother and Father God, The Earth Allies ALL your Family of Light, ALL your Angels, ALL the Elementals and Kingdoms there in, and The First Contact Ground Crew Team.

Be Love, and Say Love!! Now Is When, Love Changes Everything. Be Happy and Be In Joy, and Feel Love Embrace you. Love is here, Love is here to Stay

End Transmission In All Love is, Everywhere On Planet Earth=Heart


Love The Earth Allies

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