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Your Planet is On a New Timeline

Channelled by: Anjos e Luz Terapias

It is with great joy that I come here today to inform you: Your planet is on a new timeline. I would say an upper line, a line where events will accelerate, but proportionally reversed, will be the energy emanating, contrary to the whole process. To put it better: the reaction of the entire planet to the great awakening will no longer be as intense as before.

When you jump off a timeline, everything accelerates, everything intensifies. So it's up to here to explain a little, what timelines are. For you within the Third Dimension it is a strange and totally inconceivable concept within your mind. Because you know only one time: linear time. The one that you look at your watches and see the seconds tick by each time.

So for you there is the past, for you there is the future which is the time to come. And the past is definitely something quite palpable because you lived in it. You have memories, you have stories to tell, so you lived in the past. For us this concept does not exist, there are no clocks, there are no schedules; there are only cycles of nature itself. We always live in the here and now, in the present. We don't usually remember what happened, that's why we say there is no past. If we are focused on the present, there is no past.

The present for us is the result of the past, of everything we've built on our journey. But there is nothing to remember, what has gone, gone, is not part of the present moment. Everything that I lived with sadness or joy, was added to my soul; and in this present I know exactly every point where I lived it. It's like I'm looking at a big panel, and I know every big move of my soul. But there is no memory, there is no reason to live in a past moment. The concern is to create the present moment. This yes, the moment I'm living has to bring me balance and joy; and that's what we all seek.

When we are in higher dimensions, the Fifth Dimension, we are not concerned about tomorrow, there is no tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a new here and now, lived in that moment. So in the here and now, I build my soul's walk, that's all. There's no worrying about what's to come, because our trust in Father/Mother God is so intense, and so intrinsic to ourselves, that we're not waiting for what's to come.

Within the universe, within this concept, there are timelines. So that you can understand a little bit, I would say that they are roads built from the here and now. So everything you do right now, right now, will reverberate further down the line as a consequence of what you've done now. That's what you call the future, we call it timelines. So every decision, every move, every action, every thought, generates a timeline. This is why it is said that the future does not exist, the future is created in the here and now.

So everything you do right now will have a consequence in the future for you, for us, in a new timeline. Can these timelines be changed? Yes, it will depend on your vibration. So if you vibrate low today, for some reason, it doesn't matter, you are creating a timeline corresponding to that vibration of yours; where probably that lesson that is making you lower the vibration will come back stronger and stronger for you to get rid of.

You're creating a timeline corresponding to what you're emanating right now.

In the next here and now, in the next moment, you realize, end that lesson and start to vibrate differently. You change the timeline. No longer the one that would have lessons yet to be learned, because you've already learned it. So it gets copied; no, nothing is erased, it is recreated with everything that had reverberated from your actions and thoughts, but in another vibration, because you learned one more lesson. So you can't stay on a low vibration timeline, you have to change the timeline.

And so it goes on. As you evolve, as you raise your vibrations, you automatically change timelines. And each line of that speeds up a little more, it speeds up your journey, because the more Light, the more energy, the closer you get to the Fifth Dimension, then everything speeds up because the vibration is higher.

This is where we say your planet shifted timelines, because you vibrated another world, you raised the vibration of the planet. So it switches from the timeline to a faster line, to a smoother line, because if there is more Light, there is more balance, there is more peace. So that's how we see life, as you call it. There is no future for us, there are timelines that we can walk through and do a lot of testing, a lot of transformations. And it doesn't hurt to remember: you are on an accelerated timeline, if your vibration drops, you automatically go back to the timelines corresponding to that vibration.

So it's like you've accumulated a lot of timelines and you're jumping between them all the time, depending on your vibration. That's how it goes; automatically changing, as you call it, the future.

Today, your planet has moved up in frequency and gone to a new timeline. If the frequency of the planet drops, it returns to a frequency where it was, corresponding to the vibration emanating and everything slows down. I hope you guys are getting it. That's why we say it all depends on your vibration. Realise this. If you emanate high, if you emanate Light, if you vibrate high, you move the planet into a new, more accelerated timeline. If you go down the vibration, if you go back to vibrating what you vibrated before, you fall out of the timeline, you go back to the slower ones.

So this is the big goal for those who don't want to see anything happen: it's to always lower your vibration, so that you go back to very slow timelines and the whole process takes too long to happen. And with that, they think they are gaining some strategy. Many may ask me: But isn't the planet sovereign over our energy? I would say no, because you have free will and you are determining what is happening on your planet. So Gaia's ascension, up until this moment, is totally dependent on your action, your vibration.

I say this: that in each timeline, there is a deadline, it is the same in all of them. So there are timelines where that date is still a long way off for you, because you speed backwards. Then it gets further away, that's why we say there's no time. You push the date forward, but for us that date doesn't change, it's unique. You just slow things down.

But there will be a point, where everything will happen. Now if you speed up the process, that date comes closer and closer, because you are speeding up. It's like two race tracks; they are all the same size, the date, the final arrival is the same. But runners are different. One can get there faster than the other, and that's how things happen.

Your linear time is not the time seen by us. So we know exactly on each timeline where the date has to happen. It does not close on a date from your world; it closes to a here-and-now date of the timeline; not your calendar date. That's why we always say: Don't get attached to dates, we can't give dates, because it's up to your vibration to walk the timeline. If you walk slowly, the date on your calendar gets further away. If you walk faster, the date on your calendar walks faster and comes faster. But in our view, it's the same date, we don't have the linear time that you have on the planet.

I hope you are getting the concept of timelines. Always think of a clue that has an end. If you accelerate, you arrive faster, if you are late, it costs you to arrive. That's it. But for us, that point of arrival is only one, regardless of the speed you set. And as you speed up the process, move to a faster timeline, everything speeds up too. It's up to you to keep that vibration, keep that trust, that love in what's to come.

And the higher the timeline, the smoother everything happens, because there is more Light.

Understand why we always say that everything is dependent on your vibration. You keep changing the planet's timeline according to the vibration of the entire planet. I can guarantee you that this pandemic made you go back many timelines, but it was all a great learning experience, rest assured. So we took advantage of this entire process to make many changes on the planet that we would make later and now they are ready. So there was a delay? There was. But not as much as they expected. Because we take all this time to work each one of you and to work on the planet itself.

None of what was planned by them was achieved, on the contrary, you are increasingly moving forward. All the attempts that existed during the day of yesterday, all were eliminated, they got nothing. One or the other may have entered their vibration, but it made no difference to the planet. We are very attentive and so are you.

Continue on this journey. I hope you have understood, that the event, the Great Day, depends only on you.

Keep your vibrations high. Keep vibrating high, no fear, no fear whatsoever. Trust what will come, because for sure, in the not too distant future, we will be listening to each one of you, saying the following: “It was worth everything we went through, because today, we are a balanced and evolved race. The light won!”

Ashtar Sheran Channelled by: Anjos e Luz Terapias

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