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The Solstice: The Great Severing

By: Aurora


As we are now immersed in the window of the Solstice, the energies of integration and merging can be deeply felt. No matter if you are celebrating the Summer or Winter Solstice, we reach a time of the “great severing”, where we are being gracefully but ruthlessly severed from the old world and the old operating system. The mind, matrix, 3D, illusion, etc., are all words to describe the same thing-a prison which has both been self-created and imposed onto us. We have spent the last 27,000 years in a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual enslavement in which we were caught in an amnesia that is so deep its almost unfathomable. Yet, the light was inevitable, and now we have reached a critical and profound moment in both Humanity’s and the Cosmos’ her-story. When all darkness would return to light, and all anomalies would healed into wholeness. 

We are being now severed from the virus of the EGO mind and all of its illusionary systems and constructs. Simultaneously, we are merging with the upper realms, bridging sprit into matter…heaven into earth. Since the beginning of June, the first wavers have been transitioning into their light bodies and new operating system which is heart based technology. This is severing us from the old mind operating system and its structures. For all first wavers who have participated in this process, thank you for your work as you allowed this anchoring to be possible. Enough of us are now stabilizing into the new operating system to allow for crumbling of the old one. 

On June 21st, we celebrate the Solstice, the final integration of these new vessels and operating systems, officially declaring the old obsolete. Under this special day we will also celebrate the Full Moon in Capricorn at 1 degree. This is not just any Full Moon, but the beginning of a 30 day detox/severing/dissolvement of the “old” being purged from all aspects of our lives. This Full Moon kicks off the release at 1 degree Capricorn, and finishes on July 21st with a SECOND Full Moon at 29 degrees Capricorn. 

During these 30 days, we will be purging the entire spectrum of the old Capricorn archetype, which is currently ruling the old world and all of its systems of control, patriarchy, suffering, and limitation. Both Capricorn and his sister sign Cancer, represent the Divine Mother and Father archetype. These archetype are now coming into harmony and anchoring once again on Planet Earth. It is the return of the TRUE Divine Mother and Father blueprints. During this 30 day severing, we will be dissolving all remaining shadows of the Capricorn archetype in preparation for Pluto’s final return to the 29th degree from September 1st-November 19th. 

Many of the old belief systems of Capricorn will be coming up to be transformed: 



-Profit over people 

-Success/status are more important than love 

-Working hard is more important that healing 

-Lack of empathy 

-Patriarchal structures, including Religion 

-Governmental controls 



This will be the first Cancer Season in 15 years that has not been under an opposition from Pluto. Let us understand the gravity of what this means. Cancer represents the Divine Mother, the womb of Creation. Cancer rules the Mother, the home, the family, children, heart-based leadership, connection, nurturing, compassion, and feeling. It through Cancer that we understand what is truly meaningful in life, which is love. Is it really any coincidence that we named one of the most widespread diseases that has taken so many lives after this archetype? Why did the EGO mind decide to name this horrendous illness in which the body begins to attack itself, “cancer”? This was intentional, in order for us to associate this deadly disease with the heart, with the Mother, and with love. The greatest irony in history is that cancer’s metaphysical root cause is actually a lack of love, and often stems from deeply suppressed and buried emotional issues. If we were to allow ourselves to actually feel our emotions, release them, and heal them, we would never suffer from this so called “cancer.”

For the past 15 years, as Pluto transited the sign of Capricorn, he was ruthlessly opposing the sign of Cancer. During this transit, we saw the utter misuse of power wielded by the patriarchy (represented by Capricorn) to demonize anything that was not centered around work, status, money, control and power. In essence, we have been deeply suppressing our emotions and our hearts for so long, and many unconsciously selling their soul for these illusionary gains. Beginning on the Solstice, we will celebrate the first Cancer Season in its true form-an absolute immersion into our hearts. Cancer is a truly fearless leader, as she leads from the heart and not the mind, and she does not submit to any authority outside herself.

We can anticipate that Humanity will be not only undergoing a 30-day severing from the mind and these old systems, but a returning home…to our Mother. We will be embracing, once again, our Divine Mother and all of her unconditional love that we had felt so denied of. A wave of unconditional love will be released to the planet during this time, and the best we can do is be in absolute surrender to it, and allow this wave of love to cleanse us all of our hardness, pain, and suffering. 

To understand the archetypes we will be working with over the next 30 days, we will reference the Gene Keys by Richard Rudd. We will be moving through all 30 degrees of both Capricorn for dissolvement of the shadows, and all 30 degrees of Cancer for integration.

Capricorn Archetypes:

Gene Key 10 (1-3 Degrees Capricorn): Shadow of Self-Obsession, Gift of Naturalness, Siddhi of Being 

Gene Key 58 (3-9 Degrees Capricorn): Shadow of Dissatisfaction, Gift of Vitality, Siddhi of Bliss

Gene Key 38 (9-15 Degrees Capricorn): Shadow of Struggle, Gift of Perseverance, Siddhi of Honor 

Gene Key 52 (15-20 Degrees Capricorn): Shadow of Greed, Gift of Aspiration Siddhi of Ascension 

Gene Key 61 (20-26 Degrees Capricorn): Shadow of Psychosis, Gift of Inspiration, Siddhi of Sanctity 

Gene Key 60 (26-30 Degrees Capricorn): Shadow of Limitation, Gift of Realism, Siddhi of Justice 

Cancer Archetypes:

Gene Key 15 (1-3 Degrees Cancer): Shadow of Dullness, Gift of Magnetism, Siddhi of Florescence 

Gene Key 52 (3-9 Degrees Cancer): Shadow of Stress, Gift of Restraint, Siddhi of Stillness 

Gene Key 39 (9-15 Degrees Cancer): Shadow of Provocation, Gift of Dynamism, Siddhi of Liberation 

Gene Key 53 (15-20 Degrees Cancer): Shadow of Immaturity, Gift of Expansion, Siddhi of Superabundance 

Gene Key 62 (20-26 Degrees Cancer): Shadow of Intellect, Gift of Precision, Siddhi of Impeccability 

Gene Key 56 (26-30 Degrees Cancer): Shadow of Distraction, Gift of Enrichment, Siddhi of Intoxication 


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