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You Did Not Come Here to Fix a Broken World

By: Jessica Rosalie

Dear Starseed, You did not come here to fix or repair a broken world. You came here to create a new one through your thoughts, intentions, and actions. You did not come here to battle dark forces and win a fight. You came here to hold a higher frequency despite the chaos, density, and injustices happening around you.

Yes, you are a powerful being of love. Yes, you are a lighthouse.

This realization can often make you feel like you must save the world and all of the people in it from the shadows, control, and manipulation that we see so clearly. However, when we pause and step back and see the bigger picture we will begin to notice how this very mindset of fighting, correcting, fixing, and striving is rooted in 3D duality. If we are to create a brand new Earth that is based on love, harmony, kindness, and compassion than we must hold this frequency within our very being first. How can we do this?

By being that what we wish to create. Embodying and holding it in our hearts. How can we hav