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You Can See & Feel God Everywhere

By Angel Lamoureux

Heaven on earth, Love everywhere present, balanced harmonics, childlike wonder, full god consciousness. What is all that you ask?!! Awaken to your truth & if you haven’t many of us are here to assist you. The time that was prophesized eons ago is here in this now moment. You can see and feel God everywhere. She is in everything and everyone. She is the warm summer breeze that blows through my hair and touches my face ever so gently, holding me in her warm embrace with all the flowers, plants, trees, water, made of her. She is the music that plays all through out all of creation. Love is simple. God is not something anyone could ever understand with eyes and a mind that constantly wants to figure it out.

The mind wants to edge god out which is where EGO originated from. In order to be fully in God conciousness one must surrender and trust that all is sacred and divinely orchestrated. We are not in full control of our lives because we are the divine channnels for pure divine source to flow through us. Drop all beliefs, labels, fear, cut off the poor me victim consciousness, and what we have beneath it all is pure unconditional love from our creator. We are more important and needed than anyone could ever fathom! The great masses of awakening are here! We are master energetic buffers of light We transmute and transform all that is not love to anchor in heaven on earth everywhere present. Our presence alone triggers anything up and out to be looked at so if you see it in another remember it’s in you too! Which is why a trigger is a treasure! It’s the key to the out of balance experiences you have endured. Energies become more clear as we purge out all that is inorganic to anchor in rainbow emerald golden light. “The new paradigm” At this time in the ascension, if you are still trying to figure it all out you are stuck in an illusionary “self”absorbed bubble that “You” created through your own unconscious self inflicted wounds and attachments to information.

Thinking one knows better makes you the part of the population that is in fear based frequencies not Unconditional love. In all moments we have a choice. Choose Love or choose war. Being sent to the central galactic sun for processing means, overtime of choosing the same lower collective experiences you will have manifested a universal loop & shall you keep choosing to continue living those repeated deep rooted roots of unworthiness those wounds will continue to be the same weeds you water in your garden.

When you love yourself first, your auric field expands and more and more will feel and come to know the truth.