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YOU ARE NOT BROKEN, by Bobby Leseman

YOU ARE NOT BROKEN. Your trauma is being shown to you for you to transform so you can evolve. It's a gift. See it as an experience that you were meant to have, also that the other beings involved were meant to have, for your soul's evolution. The experience is over. It is safe to let it go.

By holding on to the experience, our physical vessels experience the same chemical reaction as we did in that moment, therefore we relive it physically with anxiety and depression as if it is constantly happening again and again, when in reality, it's already done. Choose to let it go. Choose to heal and you will. It is safe to let it go.

We are royal angels, in vessels, having a human experience. We weren't created to hold on to these experiences. That was taught to us. The ability to let it go was stolen from us. Now we take it back.


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