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By James Gilliand

Those left will be the ones who chose to live a spiritual life in harmony with each other and nature.

We cannot deny the fact that the electromagnetic light spectrum in changing, the light is increasing.

The sun is sending out unprecedented flares and CMEs reacting to the changes within the Galactic Core or Central Sun.

The Shuman Resonance has been spiking off the scale. There has been an increase in severe weather, earthquake and volcanic activity.

Society is going through a major transformation, people are leaving the cities which in many cases have become corrupt beyond redemption.

The fall in consciousness and energy draws the natural disasters designed to clean up and restore the land.

Understand the process...

Know the goals of the cabal and the global elite, “The Beast”, which create divisions between families, cultures, religions and gender to divide and conquer.

Know who the white hats are, those who stand for freedom, the constitution and Bill of Rights which exemplify universal law.

During the Quickening or the Great Awakening your future will determine which side of the fence you are standing.

It’s never to late to wake up, forgive yourself and others and get on the right side of the fence. The polarities are being amplified, the distance between the upward spiral and the downward spiral is increasing. Nothing will remain hidden, karma will be accelerated. It is all part of the awakening, healing and planetary liberation of Humanity and the Earth.

We get to choose our destiny, the path we are going to take during this process.

I would however choose wisely. One path leads to social, economic, and environmental collapse, the other a loving, joyous, abundant life in harmony with each other and nature.

Soon there will be no gray areas.

Excerpt from James Gilliland Message


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