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What Are You Waiting For? A Testimonial by Babs McGillicutty

I'm guided to share an experience with you. In preparing for our move to Fairhope, I found a box labeled "skinnier clothes" haha. Basically a box of clothes I've hung on to - a "wish" box, meaning "I wish I could still wear these, and maybe one day I will".

Today I got in those clothes. Not because I dieted or exercised or abused my body via the eating disorder I battled my whole life. Because I chose to LOVE myself UNCONDITIONALLY. Because God gave me the tools - the keys - to finally feel that love for myself that I had only ever given away to others.

My body is changing because I'm telling it to. "I command my atoms into right action. I command my DNA to function at the highest level. My muscles are strong and flexible. My skin is healthy and vibrant. I am aging backwards."

I've shared many times that we are in control of our vessels. Never in my life did I truly understand just how powerful that is, until today. Thank you, Mother God. I flipped the script from self-hate to self-love and the changes are happening before my eyes.

It's not an overnight fix. It's not a diet pill or an expensive nutritionist or even an exercise

program. It's ME choosing to let go of everything that doesn't serve me as a Divine Feminine. It's my heart connected my my Higher Self. It's me, taking my God-Given power back and commanding my DNA to function at its highest level. God gave me the keys. All I have to do is use them.

What are you waiting for? You are a royal angel, in a human vessel, and that vessel is your vehicle, not your commander. Step into your divinity and you will feel an inner strength that can not be put into words.

This is REQUIRED of us in this very Moment. It is our responsibility to level-up and become the grandest version of ourselves. By doing this, we hand those keys to the people we love so they too can be FREE. Your children - they require your full attention to this. I am here to share this knowledge with anyone who asks.

So what are you waiting for?

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