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Weekly Navigation Report

For the week of October 18 - 24, 2021

By: Christine Clemmer

The week ahead initiates a massive gear shift, prompting an accelerated journey through the via combusta, ramping up to the upcoming wormhole/eclipse passage which activates on November 4. With Pluto and Saturn already moving direct, plus Jupiter and Mercury’s stations at the beginning of this week, it’s full steam ahead into the magical portal of transformation - the womb of alchemy.

We don’t fully know what’s next, but we do know that whatever lies before us is a direct reflection of what lies deep within us. We’re going deep, into the center of our heart, and the blinders are off. As we meet the hidden parts of ourselves, it’s time to reclaim our power, ignite our highest vision, and unleash our greatest potential. What comes next requires our awakened wholeness and resilient presence while the dormant pieces and parts of our being are being activated, integrated, and calibrated through current experiences, now.

Trusting the process, it’s important to surrender to the calling, honoring any situation that stretches us beyond our current comfort zone. Instead of resisting any temporary moments of discomfort, we can find the sacredness in our greater unfolding each time we’re challenged to meet our edge…physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We’re preparing for massive expansion, and that requires a renegotiation of the old parameters, patterns, and grooves. Soften in order to stretch and expand. Living into the suppleness of our hearts. Shedding old roots of tension through the connective tissue while reconfiguring the very matrix of our inner operating system. That reconfiguration allows us to see with new eyes, allowing new possibilities to emerge that weren’t previously available, at least not through the old scope of vision.

When everything is shifting through the subtle inner realms, the da