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Weekly Navigation Report

For the week of October 18 - 24, 2021

By: Christine Clemmer

The week ahead initiates a massive gear shift, prompting an accelerated journey through the via combusta, ramping up to the upcoming wormhole/eclipse passage which activates on November 4. With Pluto and Saturn already moving direct, plus Jupiter and Mercury’s stations at the beginning of this week, it’s full steam ahead into the magical portal of transformation - the womb of alchemy.

We don’t fully know what’s next, but we do know that whatever lies before us is a direct reflection of what lies deep within us. We’re going deep, into the center of our heart, and the blinders are off. As we meet the hidden parts of ourselves, it’s time to reclaim our power, ignite our highest vision, and unleash our greatest potential. What comes next requires our awakened wholeness and resilient presence while the dormant pieces and parts of our being are being activated, integrated, and calibrated through current experiences, now.

Trusting the process, it’s important to surrender to the calling, honoring any situation that stretches us beyond our current comfort zone. Instead of resisting any temporary moments of discomfort, we can find the sacredness in our greater unfolding each time we’re challenged to meet our edge…physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We’re preparing for massive expansion, and that requires a renegotiation of the old parameters, patterns, and grooves. Soften in order to stretch and expand. Living into the suppleness of our hearts. Shedding old roots of tension through the connective tissue while reconfiguring the very matrix of our inner operating system. That reconfiguration allows us to see with new eyes, allowing new possibilities to emerge that weren’t previously available, at least not through the old scope of vision.

When everything is shifting through the subtle inner realms, the daily practice of reorientation within the heart becomes a primary focus. Our inner diligence and resilience is key. Our capacity to find equanimity within the heart is essential in self regulation through the accelerated leaps and merging timelines we’re navigating and experiencing. The linear 3D trajectory has become a multidimensional cosmic intersection of overpasses and tunnels. Through the open still point of the heart, we have access to all dimensions, all timelines, and all possibilities…now.

The upcoming Aries Full Moon on Wednesday is a dynamic initiation that awakens the self awareness required to navigate our experiences as a conscious creator. Moment to moment, we’re either reacting to what we see (oftentimes engaging in old muscle memory and karmic loops with judgments and attachments) OR we’re consciously choosing from a higher lens of vision and a powerful seat of personal responsibility through the heart. When we become conscious creators, we recognize and reclaim the power to choose, regardless of what’s currently occurring around us. If we’re unconscious, we give our power away to the loudest distraction, the strongest pull, or the most enticing illusion.

Owning our power by choosing to be conscious of what we’re manifesting/creating is essential in the New Earth. The only way to fully own our power is to stay awake, especially in the moments that challenge us to remain conscious. If we bypass, ignore, or disconnect in times of conflict, fight/flight, stress, or boredom, we lose the opportunity to manifest from an intentional lens of creation, from the heart. Our full participation is required. It’s important to recognize ourselves and self regulate in the moments of discomfort or inconvenience.

Expansion requires tension to the current settings, in order to stretch. If we check out when things get difficult or unusual, we miss the opportunity to find ourselves in the uncommon, unexpected moments of new growth and higher realization. We meet ourselves through the challenges, and we expand through the awareness of what we’re truly made of, uncovering our greatness in unexpected ways.

The week begins on Monday 10/18 as Jupiter stations direct, the Black Moon communes with the North Node, followed by a Mercury Chiron bridge, Venus Ceres bridge, then Mercury stations direct, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Quaoar, and Mars manifests with Jupiter. With both Jupiter and Mercury now moving forward, we’re experiencing an epic expansion that comes when our minds are free and clear from old cobwebs of entanglement, limitation, or attachment. Our available capacity for expansion is proportional to our belief of ourselves and the inherent magic of the universe. When we live in limiting beliefs, we experience those limitations in the storylines around us. The mind is a powerful playground, and whatever we think, we find. Ongoing re-calibrations that refresh/reboot and elevate the mental body to a higher octave of Love are important. The fact that Mercury stations in a bridge with Chiron is significant, allowing us to elevate and transmute the old muscle memory and cellular bandwidth from old wounds that created historic patterns of limiting beliefs. It’s time to choose a new story, rewrite the script, and re-educate our muscle memory to attune to universal possibility and the limitless potential of every moment.

On Tuesday 10/19, the Black Moon finds resource with both Salacia and Varuna, then the Black Moon manifests with both Saturn and MakeMake, followed by a Mercury Pallas great eliminator, and Venus Uranus great eliminator. Today is a powerful day to manifest in alignment with the higher universal laws of oneness and Love. Anytime we elevate our personal intentions on behalf of All, we collaborate with the greater forces of energy that support universal expansion. When we see ourselves as separate, we can only access our personal power from a lens of local consciousness, which is limiting. When we remember our cosmic oneness, we operate from a higher lens of universal consciousness that benefits All. It’s important to surrender and trust the greater orchestration of events as we align and collaborate with, instead of pushing our agenda against the current.

Wednesday 10/20 starts with a Venus Orcus stepping stone, Sun Galactic Center resource, Black Moon Pallas stepping stone, Full Moon in Aries, then Black Moon Mercury manifestation, Venus Great Attractor new cycle, and Black Moon Ceres communion. The Full Moon occurs at 29 Aries, at 10:58am ET. In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries is the sign of Mental Body Power, the conscious discipline to think loving thoughts, the beginning of the Mind/Body connection, and the potential to awaken and Self Realize, before taking action. When we awaken the power within our own minds to think from the heart, we become conscious creators of a whole new world. Moment to moment, we’re either reacting to current experiences, or consciously responding as powerful creators. When we engage the automatic pilot or knee jerk reactions from muscle memory that contains old wounds and limitations, we affirm the old stories and wounds in the current moment. Having the courage to be awake and present in the moment, we can access new thoughts, motivating new actions, manifesting new possibilities and outcomes.

When the mind becomes congested with old judgments, limitations, fears and doubts, we become clouded in our lens of vision, and we see those considerations everywhere we look. When we remember our limitless nature, we have access to universal potential, regardless of what the current scenario might look like or feel like on the surface. When the mind is oriented to unity consciousness, disciplined to think from the heart, we become conscious creators in collaboration with All, for the good of All. Unleashing our greatest power, we become pioneers of new thoughts, new consciousness, and new ways of being.

If we don’t like what we’re seeing, we can either react and push back, causing an inflammatory reaction within ourselves and the situation…OR we can choose something new and be responsible as the Source of a new possibility. Moment to moment, we’re either perpetuating the past, or interrupting that repetitive loop and consciously choosing a new thought that changes the narrative. We become master creators and activists for change/transformation when we take responsibility for the infinite power within us. It doesn’t matter how many times we’ve repeated old circumstances, wounds, or situations…what matters is what we’re choosing NOW, the actions we’re taking, and the world we’re committed to creating.

On Thursday 10/21, the Sun forms a new cycle with Haumea, followed by a Mars Eris bridge, Jupiter Juno resource, and Mars Pluto stepping stone. Today’s Mars Eris bridge includes a choice point/intersection with Pluto, giving us access to profound change and transformation. When we awaken to new thoughts, we inspire new actions that can change the story and alter our current reality. We have the power to choose our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs about ourselves and the world around us, and when we shift from defense to offense, we become conscious leaders and creators instead of inflammatory agents of triggered resistance. The actions we take are motivated by the lens of consciousness we’re looking through. We can get angry and righteous when we see something we don’t like or agree with…however nothing is more powerful than remembering the power within to choose a new story, and be the spark of initiation for something brand new.

Friday 10/22 is a Sun Sedna great eliminator, Black Moon Orcus stepping stone, Mercury Ceres manifestation (3rd of 3), Sun Chariklo stepping stone, and Sun Ixion resource. Today’s deliverance of a newly recalibrated mirror offers new perspectives and new thoughts that take us to higher ground. There’s newfound stability as we begin to see through a higher lens of purpose. So much is coming online that allows us to engage with a higher frequency instead of being bogged down by the density and gravity of confusion and distortion. The moment the lights come on, we find our footing in a new dimension, and everything looks brighter.

On Saturday 10/23, the Sun enters Scorpio. The only aspect today is the Sun’s transition to Scorpio through the alchemical fires of the Via Combusta. This fiery path of radical transformation yields profound transmutation and resurrection of the highest order. When we have the courage to release our attachments to the distortions, illusions, and superficial appearances, we enter the potent portal of spiritual transformation, shape shifting, and resurrection. In Cosmic Consciousness, Scorpio refers to Physical Body Love, and the alchemical transformation that occurs when we infuse Love into anything Physical. The courage to shed our skin, dissolve our attachments, and reveal the magic that lives in the empty space within all things physical. The physical dimension is 99.9% empty space, and when we commune with that empty space (instead of just the surface appearances), we unleash the metaphysical properties and hidden dimensions of potential. Spirit is within all things, and when we commune with the spirit of matter within our physical universe, we begin to unlock the potential for higher manifestation.

And Sunday 10/24 is a Mercury Uranus great eliminator and Sun North Node great eliminator. Great Eliminators are opportunities to release and shed what’s no longer needed. That can be a physical tangible letting go, or a vibrational shedding of old thought forms and limiting patterns. When we align with our evolutionary purpose, we begin to shed the thoughts and beliefs that don’t support that lens of vision. Clearing out the cobwebs, recalibrating the lens, we awaken a new lens of higher vision.

The practice this week is to stay present and awake during any moments of temporary discomfort. It’s easy to check out when things get heated, or avoid intimacy when we feel vulnerable of exposed. We can even avoid taking action when feeling overwhelmed by our current state of expansion or abundance. This is a week to stay present, stay awake, and harness the power within to choose higher dimensions of thoughts in order to initiate new actions and results.

“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”

― Ramana Maharshi

Christine Clemmer


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