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We Can Be Free

By Avatar Ananada

It is time all on the organic timeline face own toxic addiction to justifying misery, lack, trauma and fear, face misery vows, poverty vows and pride in those vows. This is not easy, it takes profound strength to see own self so clearly and deeply that awareness reaches into ancient corners of being where curses were casted upon the fabric of being. Defend not fear, pain, lack and own inability to command provision, protect true peace instead. Wealth trauma is as challenging to face as trauma with any other relationship. Money supply ... such a painful, fearful construct to face that many are on autopilot securing/upholding/justifying poverty in own lives as well as attempt to knock down and prevent others on ascending timelines from reclaiming wealth. Money is what casts votes ... sit with it, understand where money needs to be in order for us to expand grace and eliminate disgrace through removing provision from it. Money isn’t fiat either by the way. Money is tangible goods that retain value (metals, seeds, land etc). Right now we have wealthy parasites on this planet and broke loving beings who for the most part can barely afford to purchase all that is needed for graceful, sovereign living (land, bodies of water, tools for body healing etc). So what must be corrected here?

The spiritual community are judging/complaining about mainstream consumers of planetary resources that fund disgrace, drama/trauma, stripping of land, slavery of all living beings and overall misery instead of correcting distribution of wealth ... that it victim/martyr consciousness that perpetuates lack.

It’s a set of curses against living beings. Inorganic function, reversals in energy direction.

Problem is, most humans have been kept busy with ridiculous drama/trauma and slave mentality of low-level manifestation of timelines, looping in toxic cycles of staying in miserable situations, obsessing over others that are clearly not contributing much more than stress and suffering, condemning others and then fighting for the right to stay miserable.

People are ADDICTED to fear, lack, trauma, longing and victim consciousness. It’s a comfort zone. It becomes a purpose of life, to complain and perpetuate misery.

Once we see that clearly, we can be free ~ Avatara Ananda


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