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By: Ramona Lappin

Truly. Our focus is paramount right now and all-ways! Keep imagining/ merging with/ co-creating Heaven on Earth Now! Keep releasing any doubts, fears, negative thoughts and anything not aligned, all the old Templates and limiting beliefs. The access to our New Earth Realities are accessible through and within your own Stargate of your Sacred Krystal Heart. We are the New Broadcasting Stations of God Source Consciousness embodied!

Huge Activations and Alignments since Friday of our Hearts, the Earth's, Andromeda's and the Heart and Mind of God. On Friday my plasma Lightbody Self was guided to the Core and Heart of Andromeda, becoming ONE with it. I was given an Aurora Crystal that carries the twelve Dimensional Blueprint and Core Encryption Codes of the 12th Dimensional Earth body, the Earth's Starbody/ Starlight codes. I was then guided to bring this Crystal back down to the Crystal Core of the Earth after a beautiful time spent merging with the Heart of the Andromeda Galaxy which is the home to my 12 Dimensional aspect Tatayana, she is half Andromedan and half Lyran, and I I have been integrating and merging with her over the past many months. This Crystal has now been placed in the Core of Earth and connects throughout the Crystalline Planetary network and our own inner Crystalline Grid. This is a HUGE Activation of the Collective Crystalline Heart Grid as we may feel through our own Hearts. So these codes are now connecting throughout the Crystalline Grid network, within and without. They are assisting the re-encryption of our 12 Dimensional (and beyond) Blueprints and the synchronisation and merging of all of Earth's Dimensional versions: Earth, Tara, Gaia and Aurora Earth. Healing the inter-dimensional split and the damage of the cataclysmic effects that have happened over the many aeons and to the inter-dimensional Stargate system right back to the Cradle of Lyra.