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By: Amanda Lorence

Second Wayshowers post of today…

It relates to the timeline energies, gifted by our Sun, and it’s effects on world collective, and the individual REALITIES…

Whilst in 3D AND 4D realms, the chaotic, confusing and destabilising effects of any/all polarised view points WILL play out worldwide and for an individual holding any polarised perspective (of separation on any subject in the mind), everyone (every single being) is gradually becoming MORE sensitive to energy…whether they know this or not (yeeey!). It will play havoc for some, trying to understand what’s happening TO THEIR MIND. Or the minds of others.


Simultaneously, QUIETLY, at higher frequency, MORE of the ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE long kept HIDDEN, is being gently, slowly, magically GIVEN to us. Gifted, as data and enhanced abilities, to learn, practice, and adjust to NOW, for future TIMELINES of energy mastery ahead.

Those magical and healing timelines will begin AFTER the Chaos Timeline has played out, which will take a while (months, in the experience of ‘time’). But this serves us, as since 22 September 2021 (equinox), far more hidden knowledge of ENERGY, ONENESS and ALCHEMY is also being embodied. Do you see HOW parallel timelines ARE playing out at the same time, gradually? In different frequency LAYERS of Hertz values? In order, that by the time the CHAOS Timeline of 3D/4D has passed, there will be higher frequencies embodied, alchemical abilities, and more timeless wisdoms…kept hidden FROM the many by the FEW for so long. September equinox was the MARKER for this next phase to begin.

So, to find peace in seeing the parallels, like weighing scales, there is the presence of higher AND lower ENERGETICS, which we experience based on what we CHOOSE to think, speak, do, plan(!). There’s no planning in the NOW state. Just the following of NOW guidance from within you (go here, look here, listen now, feel into this now etc)

All is so well, perfectly designed. On track! No one is behind. Or missing anything. It’s designed perfectly for you. Allow the flow. Have faith in YOUR tailor made design. I have total, utter, complete faith in YOUR design. We got this!!! Trust the universal flow…in what we call collective and individual multiple and multi-frequency TIMELINES playing out at the same ‘time’. Your frequency determines your perception and focus in any moment.