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Vulnerability is a bold expression of your truth. I can only achieve inner peace by honestly expressing my inner experience of life. Namely, the pain in me is all the unspoken truth that I have not yet expressed because of any fears. Courage helps me in this expression. Courage does not mean the absence of any fear, but the transcendence of one’s existing fears. But I can only be brave when I trust life = love = God, and I feel safe to open up and allow myself to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is a condition for the walls of protection I have created for myself due to past painful experiences to begin to crumble. All this in fear of re-experiencing the same experience from the past. Vulnerability is a medicine that is always available to me for free at any time in my life. This medicine is given to me by God without a prescription and health insurance.

When I trust and surrender to God in me, all fears dissipate and that’s when I remember that heaven is all around me. To be vulnerable means to be alive and innocent before the greatness of God’s presence in me. It is true humility, humility before the source of life, which is love, the omnipresent force of creation from which we are all created and are one with it. Thank you love for life.

By Andrej Majer

Image Source: Tom Miller


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