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By: Ramona Lappin

We're navigating a huge merging of our multi-dimensional Self which in turn is merging all dimensions, time and space into ONE. We are no longer attached to one belief or a set of belief systems but instead are on a quest to expand our perceptions to a WHOLE BRAIN STATE and higher Heart-Mind coherence so we may UNIFY ALL to come to multi-dimensional awareness where all truths are valid. All are heard and no voice/ opinion/ belief/ perspective suppressed or shut down. All is observed and acknowledged.

All is observed and integrated, no-thing denied, resisted or judged. All just is. We may feel like we don't want to think anymore, tired of reading and details, tired if dissecting, enquiring, searching or wanting to know. We get tired of the search for answers, as all is perceived through the eye of the Observer. As ALL IS AS IT IS, ultimately. Truth is ever expanding so there's no place to 'get to', just an observation of what is unfolding and a deepening into our own inherent knowing of how to navigate these powerful energetic waves of energy that are changing and raising the frequency of the Collective Consciousness.

We are left in AWE AND WONDER at the unfoldments, as we become the change we wish to see and act upon Divine guidance, not that of the insatiable, negative ego, but instead we let Divine Will, we let God Source, show us the Way and the solutions to support the ushering in of the New that is arising with every sacred breath, thought, belief and action we take. There's no more fear running/ sabotaging our life's, because we lost our attachment to our negative ego and old life stories running the show, understanding attachment to our imagined identity or outcome and negative ego and is what creates the suffering.

When we understand that we are subject and part of, the ever changing nature of reality, of Consciousness itself, that nothing is set and all is fluid and ever evolving, we shall find peace in the observer state that sees the perfection in all of its creations unfolding. That's when we find peace and resolution, that's when we actually get to make changes and adjustments, when we stopped fighting what is. Because we cannot change that which we are fighting, it only feeds it more. That's when all of our aspects unify again as ONE WITH SOURCE, that's when we get to create from a pure and joyful place of non attachment to outcome, requiring outside validation, approval nor agreement, yet understanding ourselves as part of and inherently interconnected with all of life everywhere. With this comes a deep respect and reverence for all of life everywhere, even those embodiments that seem unlovable and unforgivable, as we can finally see clearly that they're but an aspect of self we still condemn, fight, resist and judge.

We've are but an instrument for the Divine to work through us. We are asked to let go of any notion of how things are supported to be, seek a higher perspective, surrender and let God Source fill us up as we come to Divine Union Within, with the Divine. To let go of our need to know and figure it all out and let God show us instead, to reveal itself/himself to us. This happens through an open and healed Heart. Our Sacred Crystal Heart carrying the key to our liberation and the Freedom that we seek.

But first we have to let go of all that which keeps us from this Truth. We are asked to dissolve into the vastness that is Source, into ONENESS, one with everything, letting go of any fear we may dissolve. We have to let it all go, all need to control, to be, to proof anything at all so we can be in 'control'. As all is a paradox. We have to let go of that which we wish to attain as the wanting acts as and energetic repellant. Let go of wanting, of needing, of knowing. Let it all go and it will come to you. It's not something we can fake, we can't pretend or lie to Source.

The Observer is becoming the observed and the experiencer also, as we dance the Cosmic dance, flowing with the waves of change and Transformation back into the Holy Trinity that is the Unification of Polarities and the Divine as ONE. No more friction, no more fight, no resistance or judgements left as we remember these energetics just keep feeding the very thing we wish to reconcile within. Yet we understand the perfection of the emotions arising also, which we embrace and with it disarm their potentially painful effects, as they assist us in releasing eons upon eons of 'past and future' memories at cellular level. All is embraced and nothing denied.

We are asked instead to observe and use discernment as we are finally ready to rise above our perceived limitations, belief systems and notions of 'right and wrong' so we can step into our full power. Remembering ourselves again as God Source incarnate, in atONEment with all of Creation, yet not losing ourselves in the vastness of all that is. ALL UNIFIED AS ONE WITHIN WHAT WE CALL THE SELF Eternal Love & Blessings, Ramona


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