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Twin Flame Ascension Report: Deep Restoration for the Divine Feminine Who is Going Through So Much

By: Jenji & the Wolf Tribe

Dearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time, with much news to share with you, ever-evolving humanity.

Those of you who are on the awakening path are being extremely tested at the moment. Tested to see whether you are able to stand in a space of non-judgment towards those around you that are making choices that you considered to be incongruent towards health and wellbeing.

We have much news to share with you as ever. The first thing that would like to be discussed is what is being presented currently on the world stage at the moment.

Many times in these ascension reports we have spoken about the bifurcation timeline split, which is connected to the intense bombardment of photonic light particles that are pouring into Earth currently from galactic central.

These light particles can only be harnessed by people that are strong and powerful enough in their spiritual core to be able to say no to tyranny and stand tall in their sovereignty.

For those of the Earth plane who wish to be controlled and told what to do, it will be extremely challenging to harness these powerful photonic ascension energies that are pouring forth from galactic central.

It is very, very difficult for us on the sovereignty timeline who are observing those that we love making choices that seem extremely detrimental to their wellbeing. However, this is an opportunity for us all to deeply trust in the divine plan and understand that everyone has made their agreements whilst sat at the feet of Mother-father God regarding their own individual ascension journey and awakening journey.

Our job is to love our brothers and sisters and to not judge them and the choices that they make. It is always appropriate for us to share information from a place of not trying to manipulate the other person, just simply unconditionally wishing to share important information.

All families are being tested at the moment with this bifurcation timeline split. And if you are reading these words, please know that your ancestors consider you to be the spiritual leader of your ancestral lineage.

And as such, you have come to lead the way spiritually and vibrationally for your family's ancestral lineage.

Please know that your ancestors are looking towards you now and sending you so much power and strength as you stand tall and unwavering in your alignment to the truth of your eternal and perpetual sovereignty.

The energies are hugely building up now for the 6:6 transmission, and as ever the numerological portal dates keep on exponentially expanding in intensity as we move through the year.

The 6:6 numerological portal date promises to be extremely auspicious for the collective. We are being guided as the ground crew to come together to entirely collapse the timeline pertaining to weather manipulation by the despicable powers that “were”.

It is absolutely imperative that we clear this timeline for all future generations to come, as what is currently being sprayed in our atmosphere is extremely dangerous and detrimental to humanity.

In the 6:6 transmission, we are also being guided to send forth a boost of profound nourishment and replenishment to the divine feminine who are taking on so much energetically at this time of the great awakening.

So many women are standing in their goddess power and sovereignty, and are guiding the children with impeccable intelligence and grace.

Many women in the community are taking on the role of the masculine and the feminine in the home, currently and because of this, this is absolutely exhausting for many feminines.

Therefore, we are being guided in the 6:6 transmission to deeply focus on sending a huge amount of nourishment and replenishment to the divine feminine to enable her to navigate these energies proficiently.

it is my greatest honour to come forward and share these writings with you all.

Please can you all share this ascension report far and wide to offer the codes and frequencies of this message to be received by as many brothers and sisters as possible.

Please see below for the full details on how to book onto the 6:6 transmission.

It is my deepest honour to serve you.

In love and eternal light, Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe.


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