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Twin Flame-Ascension Mission

This message goes out to the Twin Flame Ascension Mission.

The meeting of your Twin - means that you are ready for a Profound Spiritual Awakening.

A remembrance of who you are and why

you are here.

A being that is fully self-realised is in balance of both masculine & feminine energies. They have reached a place of self union & full integration of their own energy.

A man who is truly empowered has devoted himself to his sovereignty, God & true self rather than seeking entertainment & validation to fulfil his ego. An awakened man invests himself in the purification of the delusions & distortion. His heart & soul are aligned with self-mastery as well as his sovereignty.

An awakened man holds integrity, & is not a participant in power playing games; he is not scattering his life force energy going from one female to the next, creating projections & ego seeking situations to distract himself from taking responsibility of his life & choices.

An awakened man does not chase multiple females, collecting various connections to consume himself with.

He is fully conscious of his actions as an observer, thus moves into transcending them. He devotes himself to his own inner female & thus soul within.