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Turning the tides. Callling all galactic groundcrew to step up for ONE-All.

We are turning evil into divine will. No more violations to this sacred blessed species of angelic humans residing on this planet. Yes we came in huge numbers to change the tides of thousands of years of mind programming enslavement. We came from many star systems and even far away galaxies to support the greatest liberation act ever in this planets history from archonic and demonic dominion. Yes it has been a long battle which is coming to an end. And ending it is, despite all the attempts to enslave humanity even more so. These are but pity last desparate attempts of the 1% fallen ones, yes those that gave away their soul away long time ago to darkness itself. They do not own any compassion let alone understanding of love. We are here to make the shift now.

You are the galactic angels, that came here to turn the tide.... to make the great shift. And it is happening. For we are of the light and the light always wins in the end. This planet has gone thru a long period of darkness, known as Kali Yuga, which was part of the planetary evolutional process, however some forces, that only had their own agenda and benefit in mind took advantage of these good hearted bewinged beings of love, that resided on this earth, which is indeed is a very priviliged place to be in the cosmos. The Ovid pandemonium was a narrative planned to ensure their agenda and thru numbing and dumbing humanity thru polluting our water, air and soil indeed many have been numbed to sleep and lost their common sense, all because of giving their power away to powers outside of self and have lost connection to the earth, their cosmic mother, and the sky, their cosmic father and got numb in their heart and blinded because of systemic brainwash.

Our dna has been and still is tampered with by these patriachal forces, that have been in charge since thousands of years to create separation from source and our innate connection with the divine thru our sacred heart, our intuition and spiritual siddhis. By polluting our pineal glands our third eye got shot down and we could no longer see with our heart and gave our power away to others to see and choose for us. We turned into obedient powerless beings and they have taken advantage of this and the current mind programming instigated thru the spike proteins is the coronation of this mind enslavement and attack on our sacred dna.

Many galactic races have kept an eye on the planet and our evolution for a very long time, because they knew of the battle, that was taking place between the angelic human race and the archonic intruders. Many of these galactic beings have offered their help and support, as we are family, actually we the angelic humans came from the stars, so in other words, they are our relatives, our self, living in a different timeline reality, our "future" selves, that have already ascended as these beings are higher dimensional beings living in unity consciousness and peace and harmony. The Arcturians are one of these galactic races, that have supported the planet massively in the ascension process and to liberate the angelic humans from its oppressors. We have learnt a lot thru this increasing oppression and many are waking up and taking back their sovereignty and freedom. The Arcturians and other galactic beings have been working diligently with the groundcrew members, that have signed up to heal and transmute all the separation and attrocities, that have been implemented the past thousands of years of surpression including an amputation of our dna, that was done as a means to disempower us. The Arcturians have worked diligently to support us in restoring our dna and divine blueprint, so we could rise enough in consciousness to liberate the planet and usher in the new heaven on earth, which is the main purpose why we are. They are not going to sit back and allow this to happen, we are family and they are stepping up to support us thru this global group dna activation to stop the alteration of our sacred angelic/galactic blueprint.

The virus that was introduced early 2020 was a grave attack and last attempt to take full power and dominion over the planet and disempower each individual and take away all freedom and force us into obedience thru fear mongering and thru causing division between people, between families, between cultures, between nations. The virus contains extremely poisonous s p i k e proteins, that are created (yes created in a lab... truth is coming out now). It is a severe attack on our dna and aim to create ill-ness and to damage our divine blueprint, our dna. The solution to "protect" oneself has been equally created with poisonous vax cocktails, that also contains highly poisonous s p i k e proteins.

Those informed by other than mainstream media will know, that there are increasing reports of severe and life threathening symptoms due to the toxic chemical compounds, especially the s p i k e protein, that are contained in these generic mRNA based "molotov" vax cocktails. I will not go to much into details on the side effects, they are far too many to mention here. Do your own research. The new hot issue of "shedding" is surfacing worldwide as a result and numerous reports of sudden changes in womens menstrual circle, spontaneous abortions, blood clots etc. have exploded amongst people, that have been heavily exposed thru their job to those, that have taken these cocktails. Let alone all the multiple grave symtoms and adverse reactions, that have shown up in thousands of those, that have received the "jack" worldwide amongt others blood clots, brainfog/dysfunction/loss of consciousness and even life. Far too many to ignore.

The Arcturians are known throughout the multiverse as master dna architects and healers and this is a direct response to the current attack on humanity from the dark forces, that has taken place since thousands of years. The Arcturians have offered a vast amount of upgrades and activations to support humanity to clear, upgrade and activate our dna so we can live our true galactic potential. The activations, that have been facilitated by the Arcturians and myself over the last 3 years have proven to be no less than revolutionary and groundbreaking and have assisted humanity greatly in the transition into becoming the galactic masters, that we truly are and restore our original galactic and angelic blueprint as well as our spiritual connection and siddhis.

I asked the Arcturians for a solution to the current attack on humanity in late autumn last year and have patiently waited many months for their response and it is finally here. I was told that they have not been able to respond earlier, as they have needed time to study how these artificially created dna modifier mRNA created thru C O Vid and Vac Cines have impacted the humans body, immune system and energetical field and "engineer" an antidote or repellant to protect our dna from being invaded and modified and avoid health issues.

This is the second global group dna activation and upgrade, that we facilitate to promote a global counter-action to the current attack on and alteration of the collective dna and quantum field, thru the 100th monkey effect, as well as offer individual support, transmutation and healing. If you participated in the last activation, you do not necessarily need to join the second, however receiving it again together with the clearing and purging of toxic substances and imprint in body as well as programmed neural plates that you have already been subject to certainly supports you as an indiviual as well as the collective dna and quantum field. I also feel there will be further upgrades offered in this second activation

This global group dna transmission is catered to upgrade and activate powerful T-Cells in our body to counter the mRNA spikeprotein artificially created in C-19 and in the vac cines designed to cause damages to our dna. These spike proteins are pathogenes, that eligibly with time might cause our cells to weaken and starting chemical processes, that will promote various dis-ease as well as infertility in our bodies, if left unattended, depending on and relative to the individuals immune response and vibratory rate and belief system!

Fear will open the door for unhindered admittance for these artificial created dna modifier, however holding an unwavering and ongoing high frequency of divine love and faith will act as a shield, so even if you are able to do so as an individual, others might not, and it will inevitably impact the quantum field and vibratory rate of humanity.

These mRNA s p i k e proteins are shedded into our quantum oneness field and is a grave violation of and aim to "amputate" our sacred dna, that originally is catered to attack and destroy all foreign patogenes and if able to operate unhindered are able to do so succesfully provided the individual is in holistic balance and living a positive and healthy lifestyle. However the s p i k e protein in Co Vid and Vac Cine are catered to disrupt the naturel immune response and this download is so to say the antidote to these modified spike proteins. Thru a download of specific cosmic plasma peptides (small proteins) into our cells and dna these will sabotage this attack on and aim to modify our immune system and dna blueprint in aliance with upgraded T-cells catered to neutralize these attacks.

This transmission is here to assist not only the collective, but also each individual to strengthen and upgrade the immune system and to transmute, upgrade and reconfigurate our dna. Our galactic family knows that this current attack on our dna not only impacts humanity´s evolution and the planetary ascension at large and has an overall affect on this galaxy as a whole as all is interconnected and are not going to sit back and allow all previous work to be ravaged.

The Arcturians will work with this group as a whole, but each participants will be worked with individually depending on his or her need and "medical" record and background... some of you might or might not have contracted Co Vid 19 (even unknowingly), some will have taken the Vac Cine, so this will be accordingly adressed individually. This activation will both be transforming, healing and also a preventive measure and help to restore and maintain overall health and ensure a strong and fully operationable DNA and immune response and repel the mRNA spike protein and poisonous chemicals, that are contained in the artificially created virus strands and Vac Cines.

Please join us on Sunday June 27th in the group forcefield with the Arcturians and galactic teams of light to receive this epic and groundbreaking activation, if not doing it for yourself, do it for the collective, your friends and family. Do it for our children and future generations. We are in this together. We are already 670 devoted light beings and truthkeepers signed up. If called please sign up below:

Here is the link to sign up with event details, note this is a remote dna activation, thus there is no live or link involved, simply follow the procedure given in event description to receive this activation:

Grace Solaris and the Arcturians

Note: T-Cells are a type of white blood cell that is of key importance to the immune system and is at the core of adaptive immunity, the system that tailors the body's immune response to specific pathogens. ... T cells are also known as T lymphocytes. The "T" stands for "thymus" -- the organ in which these cells mature.29 Mar 2021 (from Wikipedia)

Note: Pine Needle Tea is an excellent remedy to detoxify and strengthen immune system and mitigate the s p i k e protein and other spoisonous articificial modifiers. Read more here:

Ps. Do your research not all pine needles are beneficial some are even toxic. If unsure buy it in a health store.


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