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Truth Replaces War

By: Sananda New Scripture

Chapter Four

Truth Replaces War

Worldwide Transparency and Disclosure Are Immanent

As a community of Souls, we are taking part in a phenomenon that has never been tried in just this way before anywhere in the Cosmos. You will notice how different my approach is now that I am able to talk with you about your heritage and about your biological connections - your genetic relationships - to your Star Brothers and Sisters.

Two thousand years ago, I could not speak so directly about these truths. Of course I did talk with those you call my Disciples along with my family and friends about our Star Family, but all reference to these things were removed from my Teachings and from the Teachings of my Brothers and Sisters who served with me. The deletion of all information about our Galactic Family was an attempt to make Humankind believe we are isolated and alone in the Universe, while replacing the truth with the all-encompassing programming of thoughts, beliefs and emotions that has enslaved much of the Planet until this day - but now, a New Day is dawning!

There will be no secrets about the actual contacts that have been made with others from distant Planets and Star Systems in the coming days of transparency and disclosure. By the time I return to walk with you again on dear Planet Earth, you will already be learning all about your True History and the existence, technology, support and Love of your benevolent Galactic family. The E.T. contacts have been frequent in recent years, and there have been a number of cases where "Alien" (better referred to as "Galactic" or "Cosmic") technologies that were offered to Humankind were co-opted by the "Dark Ones" rather than being used for the Good of All.

There have also been contacts in the past by others, such as the Ones you call Greys and the ones called Reptilians. It was their wish to achieve a complete takeover of the Planet. Your Dark Ones on the ground who were influenced by them - those we have called the "Archon Alliance" or the "Dark Cabal" - had the same inclination. Each faction thought they could outsmart the other to gain the upper hand with the purpose of controlling the population and resources of Planet Earth.

You can be assured now that their dark machinations were eventually turned back on themselves, insuring that no Dark faction would ever attain what they imagined. They always underestimated the power of Light and the determination and endurance of the Humans who lived and worked in the Light. We have now overwhelmed the power structures of the Dark Ones, who have always been inclined to turn on each other when things became dif