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Truth Replaces War

By: Sananda New Scripture

Chapter Four

Truth Replaces War

Worldwide Transparency and Disclosure Are Immanent

As a community of Souls, we are taking part in a phenomenon that has never been tried in just this way before anywhere in the Cosmos. You will notice how different my approach is now that I am able to talk with you about your heritage and about your biological connections - your genetic relationships - to your Star Brothers and Sisters.

Two thousand years ago, I could not speak so directly about these truths. Of course I did talk with those you call my Disciples along with my family and friends about our Star Family, but all reference to these things were removed from my Teachings and from the Teachings of my Brothers and Sisters who served with me. The deletion of all information about our Galactic Family was an attempt to make Humankind believe we are isolated and alone in the Universe, while replacing the truth with the all-encompassing programming of thoughts, beliefs and emotions that has enslaved much of the Planet until this day - but now, a New Day is dawning!

There will be no secrets about the actual contacts that have been made with others from distant Planets and Star Systems in the coming days of transparency and disclosure. By the time I return to walk with you again on dear Planet Earth, you will already be learning all about your True History and the existence, technology, support and Love of your benevolent Galactic family. The E.T. contacts have been frequent in recent years, and there have been a number of cases where "Alien" (better referred to as "Galactic" or "Cosmic") technologies that were offered to Humankind were co-opted by the "Dark Ones" rather than being used for the Good of All.

There have also been contacts in the past by others, such as the Ones you call Greys and the ones called Reptilians. It was their wish to achieve a complete takeover of the Planet. Your Dark Ones on the ground who were influenced by them - those we have called the "Archon Alliance" or the "Dark Cabal" - had the same inclination. Each faction thought they could outsmart the other to gain the upper hand with the purpose of controlling the population and resources of Planet Earth.

You can be assured now that their dark machinations were eventually turned back on themselves, insuring that no Dark faction would ever attain what they imagined. They always underestimated the power of Light and the determination and endurance of the Humans who lived and worked in the Light. We have now overwhelmed the power structures of the Dark Ones, who have always been inclined to turn on each other when things became difficult. This tendency alone demonstrates the greater power of the Light, for we have an inborn desire, even need, to come to the aid of those who need us.

The road has been long and arduous, but with each passing day by your Earth clock, the way is clearer and the Lightworkers are stronger. The gathering force of Light cannot be denied, suppressed, blocked or sabotaged. Trying to hold back the Light would be as impossible as trying to hold back the tide. You might call it a groundswell of Love and Good Will. It is lifting the tired spirits of all, bringing comfort where there was pain and soothing traumas both physical and psychological, as people awaken and acknowledge the brand new feeling of being truly free to Love.

With this surge of increasing Light, you are newly in Love with yourselves, your partners and neighbours, your babies and your friends. You see and feel the aura of Light around those you never noticed before, as you begin to see your own.

Yes, you have been tested, as you planned to be in order to fully explore, and resolve, all the issues of the polarisation on Earth between the Light and the Dark - Good and Evil. In the throes of it, it is often worse than you thought it would be in your optimistic planning stages. This is why it is so important that your Higher Selves are always there to protect you and to ease the pain. Your family of Light, which includes your Higher Self and Twin Soul, constantly sends you support and Loving encouragement, so that you do not give up.

give up.

In the end, nearly all of you cling to life with great tenacity, in spite of your complaints during the hard times. No one knows this better than I do. I was aware of what was coming in my life as Jesus, and still there were moments of unbearable pain. Like you, I felt the pain of betrayal by my fellow Humans as intensely as I felt the physical pain.

Even though most of those who turned against me in the end were not close to me, it still leaves a deep feeling of sadness to see fellow Humans support an attack on one of their own. Any child who has been teased by a crowd at school, or who has been disowned by their family for some ideological infraction has felt this deep sense of horror and despair.

Why do we turn against our own? Through pain, trauma and suffering, we became vulnerable - enough to allow ourselves to take on the programming that leads us astray and keeps us cycling and recycling within destructive systems of beliefs and behaviours that are not natural to our true state.

When Truth Is Revealed, War Becomes Unsustainable and Obsolete

This is our work now, Dear Ones. We must pull together to heal the Duality and contrived divisions that have pitted one Human against another. We will ensure that this time, in the transition to the New Golden Era, no one will turn against their fellows to persecute, judge or condemn. The days of war - war over religion; wars of ideology, based in hatred of others; wars of greed - will no longer be permitted. War itself is never justifiable. War becomes obsolete and unsustainable the moment people acknowledge they are stronger working together than they are in opposition.

You have been so steeped in the thinking of lack, competition and fear that it is no longer obvious to you that most, perhaps all the wars on the Planet were deliberately instigated to profit the Ones in Power, and especially the Ones behind the Ones in Power. It was not difficult for those in power to foment discord among populations that were already oppressed, angry and hungry.

It is an old trick to set an Arson's fire in order to be the one to rush in to heroically put it out, gaining fame, fortune and allies in the process. All these Truths will be revealed at last. You will learn the True History of your Planet, and when you do, your Hearts will swell with Love for your fellow sufferers. You will also find relief when you are given confirmation that what you suspected was true. All was definitely not what it appeared to be. When you fully understand who truly benefited from your prejudice, your mistrust of others and your religious conflicts, you will find it much easier to let go of the convictions that were implanted in your unsuspecting child brains without your permission.

Suspicion, or hatred of those who superficially appear to be a bit different from one's self, is not an inherent Human quality. Notice how dogs of all breeds naturally approach each other with tails wagging, how birds of all species flock together, and how easily one family of elephants, or bears, or geese will mingle and even assist one another, when their territories are not restricted in such a way as to create want. It was not a difficult leap of intuition for the Leaders to understand that all they needed to do to control their "Flock" was to limit their resources and inform them that it was the Immigrants, the Jews, the Women, the Blacks, the Armenians or the Shiites who were to blame.

Yes, you have been the targets of massive mind-control and social-control experiments. For a was somewhat successful, but always there have been some who saw through the schemes and demanded Liberty, Fairness and Equality. I was one of those people, and you are too.

You are not alone. Your numbers are growing by the day, as Mass Media loses its grip to the wide-open possibilities of communicating the truth across political and social boundaries through the Internet. While the open forum of the Internet does invite fear-mongering and fraud, it is less controlled and therefore a better source for Truth than any of the Mass Media outlets you have now, which have become propaganda machines for the Corporations who pay their bills. It cannot be otherwise. Whenever money enters the mix, there is the opportunity for misuse of power.

Ascension Means Total Healing and Restoration - And It Is in Progress Now!

Now, let us address a current question in many of your minds. What is Ascension, and when, if ever, will it occur? Most of you are familiar with the story of my Resurrection. This was the example we wished to give you of what Ascension is. If there are those who doubt there is an Afterlife, I can assure you, it is not an Afterlife; it is Life Eternal. Each person finishes this present incarnation by going to the Light to resume life as a Soul in a Lightbody which is what you might think of as your "normal" state, since this sojourn on Earth is just a short phase in your long life as a Soul.

This time you will not only travel to the 4th and 5th Dimensions, but you will be able to do so without the death of the body you are currently inhabiting, unlike your previous lifetimes. This time, you have the option to be completely healed and restored to a healthy body and to take this body with you. You will be able to make changes in the appearance, size, shape and possibly even gender of the body you will retain when you reach either the 4th or the 5th Dimension.

This may sound like magic to you, but of course magic, by your standards, does happen in the Higher Dimensions because Creation occurs with the combination of thought and feeling, not through the manipulation of material substances with your hands, as you know it here. This is the World you can look forward to. It is the Promised Land which has been foretold in your ancient texts, but it is better by far than anything we can put into words for you here.

The 5th Dimensional World of your near future truly is the place where the "Lion lies down with the Lamb" because all creatures, Human and otherwise, will be sustained with a diet of vegetable and fruit matter, and none will need or want to consume their Brothers and Sisters. Weather changes will make possible a Planet completely covered with lush vegetation, plentiful gardens and people and animals who are free to express the fulfilment of their Souls without concern for things like money, hunger, war or physical danger.

Communication will be telepathic, immediate and perfectly understood. Transportation over long distances will be accomplished by individual or community spacecraft. This is not a science fiction dream. It is the current reality on many other Planets in the Cosmos - this and more. Your Star Brothers and Sisters are circling your Planet now, to bring you their technologies, their knowledge, and their help in fulfilling the Dream of Ascension. All the Cosmos awaits your Awakening.

You are so Loved, so respected and admired throughout the Multiverse that all eyes are turned to observe your wondrous progress in raising your vibration from immense density under the influence of organised dark forces to real and lasting freedom.

encourage you to focus your energies on making the strong connection between the centres in your brain, your heart and your solar plexus (your Will) so that you can make the leap into the World that awaits you. This is the organisation of Self that allows you to live in Pure Love, with your deep connection to Source, to me, and to your Higher Self, which is the part of your Soul that remains in the Higher Dimensions at One with God.

You are the Creator Race, made in the likeness of your Creator. This does not mean you are completely identical to Creator. It means that in your progress toward Enlightenment (literally, embodying Light), you grow ever closer to the perfection of One. We are all moving toward that glorious Finale - becoming "One with our Creator".

Awaken, Dear Ones. Put down your instruments of slavery to your jobs - your mobile phones and computers. Look around you at the beauty you have missed. Look into the eyes of children, at the glowing sunsets and the sparkling dawns. Your Mother Earth is cleansing herself; you are being protected from nuclear dangers and overwhelming pollution. The era of the destruction of the Planet and the slavery of all Humankind is now over.

There will be no more wars, no more mass genocides or catastrophic loss of life, as long as you continue to Ascend with your dear Planet. She has already left the realm of Death, to be reborn and renewed. She is pacing her transition to continue to help you, to sustain and provide for you.

Begin with the knowledge that all Living Things are Conscious Beings. Every animal, vegetable and mineral is made up of the Consciousness of Creator. You, as part of the Creation of All Things, have a living relationship to all those Conscious Beings around you and throughout the Cosmos, whether you acknowledge it or not.

Mother Earth is filled with Love for her Children, just as We are. Prime Creator Mother/Father God stand with you in Love and Light to urge you forward into the most exhilarating, triumphant Right of Passage ever known. No Soul will be left behind; no Child of God will be ignored or passed over. Each and every one has worth, and all are honoured equally. Arise, Children of Earth. It is truly time to meet your Maker, and you will be delighted to learn how Loving, Compassionate, Patient, Understanding and Good-humoured they are.

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