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By: Jakob Andersen, Denmark, Saturday 29 May 2021

PREFACE Let me first explain that reincarnation is a fact. We are all energy souls that incarnate into a physical natural thing or into a physical body. We have all evolved our souls over millions of years. We have incarnated as both water, crystal, stone, plants, animals, animals we know from myths and various beings with high intelligence, including many incarnations of humans.

Mother Earth is called "Ananda Tara Shan". It is the name of the Archangel incarnated as Mother Earth.

In the text I will refer to dimensions. Dimensions are not other universes one travels to via so-called wormholes or portals. Dimensions are frequencies in which everything in the universe vibrates. Earth, wind, fire and water vibrate in +1 dimension. Rocks, trees, plants, etc. vibrate in +2nd dimension. All animals and humans vibrate in +3rd dimension. Some people vibrate higher. This is an evolution you can initiate yourself, for example through meditation. The small plus in front means they vibrate positively. Some choose to vibrate negatively, e.g. -4 dimension. These souls have very strong egos and only service to themselves and do not possess love or compassion for others. Below I write +3D which is +3 dimension or for example -4D.

I describe the main lines of our true story. It is a story based on thousands of studies in our historical texts, combined with information that has come to me recently. Our history is very complicated, so there are admittedly some things I haven't gotten quite right. But what I write I am sure is pretty close to our true history. Trust only what feels right in your heart. I encourage you to do your own research.

HISTORY OF THE EARTH The planet we live on is about 600 trillion years old. Earth is only a small part of the very large planet we live on. The moon we see in the sky is a mini copy of this planet. When races come from other star systems and planets via spaceships or portals, most of them do not come from space. Most come from elsewhere on our very large planet. On the lunar map, the Earth is in the crater called Sulpicius gallus M. All the planets and stars we see in the sky exist as craters on the Moon!

20 trillion years ago Earth was created, with bedrock, water, mountains, trees, plants, flowers, etc. Earth was created by Yahweh along with many from our galactic family.

1 trillion years ago Energy souls were first incarnated on Earth by Yahweh (Prime creator, God). These souls were incarnated in +1D which is water, fire, earth and wind. All souls start their evolution in 1D. When the soul is evolved enough, the soul becomes incarnated in 2D etc. It was souls from +7D that lowered their vibration all the way down to +1D so they could accommodate the feeling of consciousness. These souls came from the Lyra Vega star system. It took about 900 million years for the souls to evolve to perfection.

200 million years ago Earth was a peaceful and heavenly place. There were only animals and no one with high intelligence as we know it from ourselves, for example. Earth was in +5D and all was well. All creatures had no need to eat, as they were nourished by the air, which they absorbed through their skin and bodies. In a fully developed +5D world, animals and humans do not need to breathe either, as oxygen is also absorbed through the body.

100 million years ago There lived little creatures with wings that had two arms, two legs and a head. These are the cute little creatures that appear in cartoons, like Tinkerbell and Fairies. During this time, Yahweh (God) created the dinosaurs. Bonus info: the humans and animals we know all have physical bodies that are based on carbon. There are also life forms based on Cillicon and Lithium.

60 million years ago Some beings were incarnated from the Draco star system. Bla. a Varan-like animal that was later genetically modified to become the first Archons. The negative vibrating Orion's came to Earth and had a goal to conquer and control bla. Earth, but also other worlds. They live by sucking energy from others. They came primarily for resources such as minerals and metals.

27 million years ago The first humans were created by Lyrians, in another galaxy, with large parts of genes from the race Pleiadians. Pleiadians look a lot like us and love us humans and are at least +6D. They all have blond hair and blue eyes and are between 2.5-7 meters tall and 700 years old. Lyrians created a.o. Neanderthal, Homo Erectus and Big foot. Lyrians come from the Vega planet in the Lyra star system and they vibrate in +12D. Lyrians are also called Ademites and are one of the races that were later part of Atlantis and Mu (Lemuria).

20 million years ago Pleiadians +7D, also called Venusians, had been incarnated here on Earth where their memory of their past had been erased. They found reptile-like species, dinosaurs, draconians, dragons and similar races. All these races were still in the animal stage. These Pleiadians gradually lost their spiritual selves and began experimenting with the genetic modification of animals. It is from this period that the saying "Fall from grace" originates. The dinosaurs we know lived for a time, along with other creatures we have been told about and shown in myths. These were creatures like Centaur (horse body and legs + human-like upper body), Pegasus (horse with wings), Dragons. These various creatures had been created via genetic engineering.

Pleiadians also created several human-like reptiles with high intelligence in +4D. They resemble humans with two arms and legs. Several of these species have the ability to change their appearance (shapeshifting) so they can look like us humans, for example. The same technique is used by octopuses, which can change colour and shape by altering energies at the cellular level. Pleiadians created the Archons, who are 3-5 metres tall, and the Anunnaki, who are about 5-7 metres tall. 90% of the earth was water and the rest was rainforest with ice at the poles. When the vibration of the earth dropped below +5D, the portals opened, allowing negative beings to enter the earth. Also the positively vibrating Archturians, were incarnated on earth, where their memory of their past had been erased.

3.2 million years ago Maldec is the area of Devon Island and Greenland where the Maldecians lived. They were a mix of negative vibrating draconians, bla. Anunnaki and Orion's. Pleiadians came into conflict with these negative beings and a bomb fired by Pleiadian's was intended for a small area of enemies. The bomb hit a weapons cache with masses of nuclear and neutron bombs. Maldec was totally smashed in this acceleration of many bomb blasts. About 10 million survived by either being below ground level or managing to escape down there. 90 million died that day. These souls were reincarnated on Earth as Pleiadian, Arcturian, Draconian etc. Today, the ice of Greenland hides the many evidences of a highly developed civilization that lived there. Many of NASA's official images of "Mars" were taken in the Devon Island area. These images show clear evidence of an advanced civilisation, with smashed structures, statues etc. It is clear that the area has been completely destroyed by powerful bombs. Now we got the answer to what lies behind what we see in the pictures. Truth always wins in the end.

1 million years ago The first Neanderthal humans come to Earth and were first incarnated in Australia and New Zealand. The tall giants, Nemnir came to Earth. Fully evolved, they were over a kilometre tall and lived in the cold north, using the ice to store information. They had very high intelligence and particularly strong spiritual abilities. The ice age forced them to move further south, where we can see relics of their existence today. Stonehenge in England was built by the Nemnir race. One of the big stones there is actually a fossil of a giant's foot. From this time until 500,000 years ago, the population of the Earth increased from about 200,000 to 2 billion. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find out when and why the Nemnir race disappeared.

500,000 years ago At this time, 4 intelligent races appeared. Pleiadians, Sirians, Acturians and Andromedans. They were all Archangels who were incarnated here on earth and their memories were erased. There were 69 males and 69 females. These are the ones referred to in the Bible as Adam and Eve. So there were 69 Adam and 69 Eve. This group is also called the Elohim. The story of Eve eating the apple is pure fiction. The Elohim group could not live long on Earth because of the atmosphere, as air/oxygen keeps us alive, but it also makes us mortal. As a reward for being incarnated on Earth, they were given an apple tree where the apples gave them eternal life. This is the true story of Adam, Eve and the apple tree.

They started their life in Armenia (Darmesia), Turkey (Mesopotamia) and the people who were on earth at that time were Neanderthals. The Sumerian clay tablets are about 6,200 years old. They describe this particular Elohim group. Like all other historical texts in the world, it is a mix of truths and lies. I have studied this very thoroughly for thousands of hours and am sure I have figured out what is up and down. They are described as Anunnaki, but they are not, it is a lie, but the story about them is more true, although there are parts of it that are not true.

Characters are told with names like Enlil and Enki. Enlil is really an incarnation of Archangel Michael and Enki is an incarnation of Archangel Gabriel. Everyone in the Elohim group was incarnated here on earth, with no memory of their origins.

Elohim created 10 groups: physical reproduction, hunting of animals, protection from dangerous animals, knowledge, industry/trade, spiritual learning, vitality and energy, science and art, health, race and human coordination, travel related. These groups should ensure the development of man, at a natural pace.

Elohim helped primitive man with spiritual and spiritual development. Elohim established special universities with nature, body and mind at the centre. The period when the Elohim group helped with the evolution of man lasted 290,000 years. Enlil introduced Enki to man homo Erectus. Enki upgraded homo erectus DNA chromosome 2, to homo sapiens. This made man more compassionate and loving. Many humans and races developed their spirituality and reached +4D.

In the tales of the Anunnaki in the Sumerian clay tablets, the planet Nibiru and Tiamat are written about. Nibiru is a planet in the Draco star system, which is where the Anunnaki live. Nibiru is not a planet in space with an elliptical orbit around the sun, as it is otherwise described in many texts. Tiamat is the name of the earth at this time. Later our world was named Earth, as a symbol of Heart. Very beautiful I think. The Sumerian clay tablets tell of Marduc killing a giant sea dragon called Tiamat. The body became the earth, the asteroid belt, etc. Cool story, but it's pure fiction.

The Sumerian clay tablets also tell of sub-anunnaki. So these are people who help the Elohim group. These sub-anunnaki are actually the real Anunnaki that vibrated +6D. These Anunnaki are the ones later called Igigi's. Anunnaki = Igigi.

187,000 years ago The dark ages started and the majority of the population on earth were negative Orions. They practiced focus only to them selves. In the universe these beings tricked 36 planets to work with and for them. They even managed to manipulate some from the Elohim group and many humans. A very large group was now vibrating in -4D. They were filled with evil and knew no love or empathy. They feed off the energies of others by creating fear. That is their source of life.

The Elohim group declared themselves as loving guardians of the Earth and the universe was told what had happened, but they did not interfere. The reason for this is that there was more lost than gained in interfering at this time. We are all part of the infinite universes and all actions here on Earth and elsewhere have an impact on everything and everyone in the universes. The negative vibrators had also developed violent weapons, such as neutron bombs.

The first wave of incarnations of the Mu race (Lemurians) came to Earth. 120,000 years ago A comet named "Taunhatag" or "Ananhursac" came very close to Earth. This "comet" was created by the evil Orions themselves and the evil Alpha Draconians, Archons and Orions tried to detonate a-bombs in its path so that it would hit Earth. Their goal was to wipe out all life on Earth so they could take full control. They were unsuccessful, but because the comet came so close to Earth's atmosphere, the entire Earth turned icy cold and most dinosaurs and other life died from the cold within just a few hours. Those who survived were either underground in caves or managed to escape underground.

100,000 years ago The Alpha Draconians came to Earth. Their numbers were few and they had difficulty living in Earth's atmosphere with their reptilian background. It was easier in the past when they could incarnate into bodies that were already here. They used a technique called "soul switching". In the dream stage, they got a hold of a person's higher self and manipulated it into making a soul contract where they could switch the soul out on that person. 80% of human DNA originated with the Orion beings. Human DNA was a mix of Orion, Draco, Pleiadian, Andromedan and Sirian. Over time, humans evolved as a mix between these races and humans became more intellectual and scientific. At this time there were about 1 billion Murians (Lemurians). Very large dragons also lived at this time. With gene and DNA modification, Orions mutated and evolved the reptilian brain, which was very aggressive and vicious. A human-like Draco hybrid race, Zeta was created by the Orions. The entire consciousness of the earth went from a vibration in 5D to 3D.

75,000 years ago Several Peiadians, Arcturians, Sirians and Andromedans, all at least +6D were incarnated on earth. They are called the Soffhir group. They were distributed on Earth with each their territory. The plan was for them to be here for a million years, continually changing our DNA, as a test to see how humans evolved. They were to bring peace, balance and teach man about the spiritual. They lived in Atlantis, which are areas in many parts of the world, including the Canary Islands. Large parts of North Africa were covered by water and the "Eye of Sahara" (see for example on google earth) was the part of Atlantis that Plato described very detailed in his texts. Beings who lived in Atlantis could live to be about 500 years old and positive vibrating Anunnaki were also part of Atlantis. Anunnaki grow 4.5-6 meters tall and some of them have wings.

50,000 years ago The second wave of the Mu race came to earth. We humans call them Lemurians in recent texts. They lived on a huge land area Mu (Lemuria) that existed at that time. It stretched from east of the Philippines, south of India, past Madagascar, south of Africa and which crossed over to Alaska/Canada.

40,000 years ago It was during this period the many pyramids on Earth were built. Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Antarctica, China, Japan, Alaska, Russia, Bosnia, Indonesia, India and more. Also the great Sphinx in Egypt was built in this period.

36,000 years ago The Orien star system consists of many worlds with different races vibrating both positively and negatively. The bad guys live on the rightmost star of the Orion constellation. The ones that vibrated negatively and affected both the positive Anunnaki and the reptilians very negatively, so they all eventually vibrated in -4D. They had a malevolent agenda to take over the Earth, with total control over all races.

The negative Orions managed to negatively affect many other races. Those negatively affected were mainly Anunnaki, Reptilians but also some from the Elohim group were affected by their evil agenda. Many were also simply influenced by the success of the various societies. They forgot the spiritual and their inner temple and became complacent and started charging for products and services of one kind or another. This was not the norm. It created a lot of infighting and ill feeling among many races. All set in motion by the evil Orions.

23,000 years ago This is when more Anunnaki +4D and mainly Pleiadeans +6D came to Earth. They were not the ones known as the Ra group in many historical texts and videos. Ra is the name we humans call them as a group, and are the ones we know from Egypt for example, where there are many statues and paintings of them with many different bodies and heads of animals. These depictions from Egypt of human bodies with animal heads are, all historical statues and paintings created by the evil Orions. They have tampered with our true history and these animal heads illustrate some of the many negative vibrating personalities that the Orions have then made into gods. The Ra group is really the Elohim group that made the whole earth flourish and practice the spiritual and service to others. 22,000 years ago

Mu (Lemuria) holocaust. The Reptilians were heavily influenced and controlled by the negative Orions who wanted full power and control over the earth. The Reptilians also believed that they had a right to the earth as they were the first highly intelligent race on earth. The reptilians dug huge tunnels under the whole of Mu (Lemuria) so that it eventually collapsed and sank into the sea. Many millions of Mu died, but few survived and fled to Australia, the Philippines and later Hawaii. After this event, Earth was quarantined because it was not considered safe to be here. In Earth's airspace there were spaceships in +4D from Alpa Draconian and from Orion.

Relatively many were rescued by our galactic family and helped to safety. Today, about 1.5 million Lemurians live inside the American mountain called Mount Shasta, which is known for special energies, wondrous cloud formations around the mountain top, etc. This place is called Telos and is not visible to humans in the 3rd dimension, as Telos vibrates in a much higher frequency/dimension.

10-14.000 years ago 16 Andromedans (Archangels) came to Earth. They were the second wave of the Egyptian gods. They once again helped man achieve higher spiritual awareness. Man felt success and it went to their heads. As a result, more and more people lost their spirituality and chaos arose in various regions of North Africa and the Middle East. The Archangels therefore finally decided to take their technology with them and left the earth.

9,500 years ago The Orion group and Draco-reptilian (Anunnaki + reptilians) got shut down so that no outsiders could enter the earth. It was fatal to the history of the earth from here, and was never the intention of life on earth. Those who dominated here on Earth were the negative vibrators from Orion and the Anunnaki from the Draco star system.

The Orion group and Draco-reptilian (Anunnaki + reptilians) had full control of Earth during this period and they interbred with humans. These children grew up and after some time they also reproduced with each other. They became giants that were about 120 meters tall as full grown adults and these are the ones we know from the history books as Nephilim. In addition, they made sure to return some of the DNA upgrade humans had otherwise received from Enki.

5,200 years ago The Galactic Federation of Light regained access to Earth. In the meantime, they had drawn up a plan for what was to happen next and how to combat the dark forces. A galactic war was set in motion here on Earth. Many thousands of years ago, the Orions had traded in technology they couldn't quite master on their own. In their eagerness to wage war, an energy generator exploded far south of Antarctica, causing huge tsunamis to rush in from the water outside. Remember, Earth is only a small part of our very large planet I explained at the beginning. This is called "The Fall of Atlantis" because, the Atlantis areas and most of the Earth were completely flooded and destroyed. This is where the story of Noah comes from. Noah is a synonym for the spaceships, from our galactic family, that flew around collecting as many different species of animals as possible before they died.

The positive vibes from Atlantis fled to Bermuda and most Nephilin giants and humans died as drowning or when stuck in the very mud that arose and died upright. Our galactic family later removed, the remains of the high giants, but there have been human-like giants living here on earth quite recently.

2000 years ago Jesus is called Sananda. Sananda started his soul life on Sirius C. He had a child with Mary Sofia Magdelena who was named Sahra. The father of Sananda's physical body was Archangel Gabriel from Pleiadean and his mother was Mary from Lyra. They were here on earth at the time but decided to leave. Sananda, however, wanted to stay and try to raise the spiritual level. Sananda knew what would happen to him eventually, but he insisted. Sananda and Gabriel rehearsed his entire life before leaving Sananda here on earth. It wasn't the Roman Empire that hung him on the cross, it was the reptilians! The Roman Empire as we are told it is a lie. The Roman Empire was a Christian empire that fought the reptilians in fierce battles. Ancient Sparta was not attacked by the Persians, they were attacked by the reptilians. So much of our recent history is rewritten to hide the truth of evil.

1,000 years ago

The vast majority of humanoid reptiles were removed from the Earth. Over time, however, reptiles have interbred with humans. Their offspring are called reptilian-human hybrids. You and I could be descended from them. But that doesn't mean you're a bad person. All humans are hybrids of some sort, as we all have genes and genetic material from many different races in our galaxy. What matters is what you can feel in your heart and you need to know that you are loved exactly as you are.

There are millions of spaceships in our skies right now. They cannot be seen by humans in the 3rd dimension as the spaceships themselves vibrate at a much higher frequency/dimension. The spaceships belong to our galactic family, the Galactic Federation of Light.

----------------- Bonus info 1: I have had a positively charged Archon described. A big friendly dragon-like guy who has mega good humor and should be a joy to spend time with.

Bonus info 2: The star Thubin was actually Earth's north star in the years from 4000 BC to mid-2000 BC, just as it will be again - starting on June 26, 2021, when the stars Sirius A and Orion's Belt will again be visible in the night sky. However, they will not be visible in a westerly direction, but in an easterly direction. Exactly where they stood in the time of the Egyptian gods. Many have talked about a pole shift, the North and South changing - it's not happening. It's just our starry sky spinning 180 degrees as described above. You can see exactly that during June 2021.

Bonus info 3: Mother Creator reincarnated in a human body in 1975.

Bonus info 4: Primary groups of dark feminine: Liilth (Anunnaki), Isis (Orions) and Kali (Archons) but also Greys, Zetas and others.

Bonus info 5: There was a dragon queen who vibrated negatively and helped the Orions with their evil deeds. She was found in a human body about 10 years ago and is now in the custody of the positive dragons, where she receives proper treatment.


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