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Transforming Dysfunction

Intense Energies flowing

Through the physical vessel

vibrating on the inside

Feelings unrecognisable

Awareness tracking, observing

Words coming out of my mouth

Uncontrollable words

More words

A jab, a dig, a poke

Skirting back from the externalizing,

the projecting

Needing to ground it out

Barefoot, walking on the wet grass

Staff in hand, twizzling

Feeling the intensity

leave the body

Breathing again

Welcome to life of surrender

in full service to Love and The Unknown

It is easy to see in retrospect the dysfunction. While I am in the swirl of the intense energies it is a struggle to not embody the ego. Everything is perfectly in divine order, and once there is awareness, I am able to correct.

Commanding my atoms into right action.

I see where I have allowed ego to take over so that it may satisfy its selfish agenda of wants, needs and desires. Rest and stillness are both necessary. Oh, the pause and the breathing too.

There is much to learn about unconditional love and the embodiment of pure innocence. Where there is a gap of unworthiness, validation and manipulation come to play. The questions asked aloud give blues clues. Why this, why that?

Stay in the mystery, in the wonderment. It is a mastery to observe and not act in haste. Words can give away more clues.

Awareness…Conscious correcting of energetics. Reign it back in with compassion. Move along with Grace. Forgive Self. Connect at a deeper level with others.

Magic awaits beyond the limitations of the physical touch.

-Jeri Pie


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