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Transcending pain and suffering

By: Ramona Lappin

Since the Equinox we are receiving a powerful influx of 13 dimensional & inter-dimensional Tri-wave plasma infusions and Starlight Codes from Andromeda carrying 12D Aurora Earth re-encryption codes, amongst so much else that is going on! Solar activity is heightened with a continuous influx of solar flares and winds for the past few days and geomagnetic field instabilities and on and off raised Schumann Resonance levels lately. All assisting this most sacred of Cosmic Re-births and powerful shifts in Timelines/ Reality unfolding. The scales have in fact tipped over to the positive polarity Integration spectrum. It's all all-ready unfolding. New Divine Union Templates are being anchored by a group of Forerunners holding and stabilizing the new Tri-wave/ Trinity/ Unity Grid architecture through their own Embodiment.

These powerful Upgrades of our 12 + Dimensional Blueprints and Templates is causing an accelerated Purification of the old ones, affecting our mental emotional spiritual and physical bodies and many and any) all kinds of different symptoms can be experienced. A big focus seems to be in the lower body and chakras as these also represent and are connected to the lower Dimensional Realities. ALL that is not in alignment with the new Divine Blueprints is simply being purified, re-encrypted and dissolved at a hugely accelerated rate. This is neither about how long you think something may take in linear time to heal, it's about FREQUENCY ALIGNMENT. What has previously taken us years to clear and upgrade, now takes days or hours. The old 'rules' don't apply anymore, in all-ways!

We are clearing some of the very lowest Frequencies, beings, entities and Frequency bands of the Collective Consciousness and all remaining separation through our whole beingness. We can't get to the happy without clearing the sad at cellular level, and all other lower energies, Frequencies, programs and cellular memories no longer required. It's important to allow for this ALL to clear and flow through and out of you without resistance to support easier and quicker processing as we are here to assist the Purge of the Collective Shadow through our own Embodiment.

Navigational tip:

BE in GRATITUDE for the pain/ shitty experience/ crap Reality etc. A shift in perception truly is what shifts our Realities. We have RECODE, OVERWRITE & RE-REVERSE IT ALL!! KNOW YOU CAME TO CO-CREATE ALL NEW! To overwrite the false hologram. But we can only do this from the Zero Point Field. From a place of Neutrality, and in NO-TIME.

EVERYTHING IS ULTIMATELY HAPPENING FOR YOU, it's our perception that's screwed as we think in good and bad, and black and white, but that's not how Reality works especially when you go Multidimensional! It's the hardest lessons and the biggest ar***** that are our biggest teacher's. It's just painful as we go through it but afterwards we have the bird's eye view and understand why things had to be the way they were. That it all ultimately helped us grow and evolve, as long as we are willing to learn and stay open minded. Not to mention that we co-create all of our experiences at a higher Soul level, together as ONE.

I know it's been freaking hard, believe me, I'm living it too! But keep remembering that even though you are not enjoying it, it's ultimately all very necessary to keep helping you release lower frequencies/ energies/ density/ programming from your field/ Blueprint and that of the Collective.

Embrace the shit sandwich, know it for what it is, an illusion/ imagination, then laugh at it and know you are the only one who can turn the shit sandwich into a wisdom sandwich because if you don't see why it's shitty in the first place you'll keep eating shit sandwiches. So once you break through the limiting programming/ recipe of the shit sandwich you will find a recipe for a gourmet one, once you figured out what ingredients made it so shitty to begin with. It's not about who's to blame for the sandwich being so sit either, it's about "how can I make a delicious sandwich I will enjoy and love?".

Accountability and response-aibility is what this is all ultimately about. How we can become responsible Co-creators again because so far we haven't done so well. Noone to blame, just response-ability and accountability to be taken and given. We now fully break through any remaining traces of Victim and Victimizer programming/ Consciousness! This is imperative if you wish to be a Sovereign Co-creator. We can't do this through complaining. Speaking from experience here as I am just breaking through the last limiting programming/ beliefs myself.

Keep looking for the higher perspective, the lessons, how you can learn and grow from the experiences you had. In the end, once it's all healed and integrated, only gratitude and wisdom remains, truly! That's we remember and see the perfection within the seemingly chaotic realities.

Everything always happens for a reason, for us to learn the lessons we came here for. This isn't personal, quite the opposite, it's about finding our way back to ONEness and Remembering again. Returning to our true nature which is Love.

Any and all personal conflicts/ difficult experiences/

dis-ease/ illness/ discomfort/ imbalance etc, all-ways comes back to an unresolved inner conflict projected into our reality so it can be resolved.

That doesn't mean you have to enjoy it but that it's your job to transcend it and know it for what it is because you're the only one who can change it. You have to FULLY embrace your pain, stories and suffering to THEN let them fully go. Keep loving it all up and see what happens.

💚 BIG HUGS 💚 It's been shitty, no question. But also all perfectly orchestrated.


Eternal Love,

Ramona 💙



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