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By: Ramona Lappin

Powerful Schumann Resonance spikes, inter-dimensional Plasma Waves and Cosmic Rays continue to re-encrypt our Realities into higher dimensional Frequency bands, as the monumental transition into higher dimensional realities in NO-TIME is in full force! The energies continue to increase as we navigate this monumental transition and transformation of the Human, Planetary, Universal and Cosmic bodies. Next level Embodiment being experienced and anchored by the forerunners. More balance, empowerment and harmony is available as we EMANATE CHRISTED CONSCIOUSNESS FROM OUR BEING TO ALL WILLING HEARTS!!

We are being tested if we have integrated all we have learned so far. All the usual triggers and challenges are coming up for us for a final resolve/ dissolution through balanced navigation, seeing through the illusions of the 3D control systems now dissolving, releasing any remaining fears around survival as our root chakra energies are receiving huge upgrades. We're being pushed through the eye of the needle for a TOTAL REBIRTH & RESET AT COSMIC INTER-DIMENSIONAL LEVEL! ALL IS INNER-CONNECTED. This isn't just about Earth but a reflection of the macro level also! The very fabric and basis for the Consciousness that our Realities are build upon is shifting and flipping upside down/ inside out. ALL IS CHANGING AND SHIFTING and the only thing that gets us through is embracing the uncertainty of what's ahead. All remaining distorted programming and inner conflict is coming up for us to dissolve at individual level on behalf of ALL/ THE ONE!

Remember that SELF LOVE IS THE KEY to Ascension, our Sacred Diamond Crystal Heart being the seat of our Soul. As we learn to love ourselves fully and truly AS WE ARE, we automatically extent this out to all others - The Key to World Peace, Unity, Freedom and Prosperity! Just remember that whatever themes you're working through that non of this is personal! Release any programming around shame and guilt and NEUTRALISE IT ALL!! If there's something you find hard to forgive or let go of, think of it as if its happening to a friend. What advice would you give them? When we can accept and forgive something about ourselves or another that we have been judging, resisting or in denial of, we do this for the whole Collective as that's our job here! Breaking through the illusion of separation of the old Matrix from the inside out, what we do for ourselves we do for ALL! That's also how the lower Consciousness shifts as it is now being dissolved and returned back to Source in whole Frequency bands! HUUUUGE releases, upgrades and Activations these past days. Much density and mental busyness being experienced, also part of a big ongoing 'bad data wipe', along with the many symptoms we get to enjoy as our bodies transform into a higher state of Consciousness and physical expression.

What it all comes back to, when you strip back all the layers, is that ALL IS CONSCIOUSNESS, all is energy, frequency and vibration and non of this is personal! It's like playing out a movie we've all agreed upon to resolve and heal the distorted COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. That's not just one group of beings but connected and accessible and resolvable from WITHIN EACH ONE OF US! ALL having access to the original Consciousness all originates and has been created from, as we are all part of it! The living library and access to our true history from within our own cells! That's why it's all about our inner work, THAT'S WHERE OUR POWER TRULY LIES and we get to shift is all from! Be proud and value what you do, that's paramount! If we don't value and see the IMMENSE WORTH OF THE WORK WE'VE BEEN DOING then who will? We have to claim this from deep within even if not many people get YET the value of what we have been doing by breaking through, transcending and re-encrypting the old Consciousness into a higher Frequency. We came to break through these programmes on behalf of ALL! As we are shifting so does the Collective in response. This is also connected to the 12 original tribes of humanity and the Blueprint for the Consciousness/ Realities are held in our DNA; God Source Consciousness. We are the broadcasters! We are the projectors! That's why it's sooooo important what WE do, belief, think and feel, never mind the others. They're just showing us what still requires integration but yes we also hold everyone else responsible and accountable, no more enabling, making excuses for others and turning a blind eye! Every trigger, every judgement an opportunity to integrate another aspect of us, of The One. All to be integrated, neutralised, embraced and transcended. ALL FROM THE INSIDE OUT. All systems, structures, controls etc held within our Templates, the old ones now dissolving for the new to rise and activate.

A big msg has been the importance of us claiming our worth for all the intangible energetic work we have been doing all these years by BREAKING THROUGH & CHANGING COLLECTIVE DISTORTED PROGRAMMING & BLUEPRINTS that we hold, whilst 3D kept telling us we're crazy and us having to sacrifice many comfort's in order to do so. Detaching from the importance of the material world and it's delusions/ illusions. Much confusion is now lifting as clarity returns to stay, lifting the veils of the artificial Matrix hologram. It's taken mountains of perseverance and BELIEVING IN MIRACLES to get us to this point! This is also supporting the collective shift of placing a higher value on our spiritual life's and wellbeing beyond the material world! I'm for one tired of worrying about money and not having a home and I know I'm not the only one. It's been years of struggle and we know that it's something we came here to resolve on behalf of ALL through us breaking through the programming that is the cause / at the root of the realities. This is not a time for giving up now that we're going over the tipping point and as all is about to shift in our favour and energetically at higher dimensional level all-ready has! Much surrender to WHAT IS AS IT IS, neutralisation of the importance of money, any fears of survival and it or anything outside of us affecting our welleing, as well as changing underlying belief systems and thought patterns, is what's is required. Resting in the KNOWING THAT WERE ALL-WAYS PROTECTED & PROVIDED FOR! It becomes our self full-filling prophecy!

Important choice points and a fork in the road are in front of us now! Each moment, each thought, word, belief and action is a choice that will either support our forward evolution or sabotage it, yet all is always serving. When in doubt over what the right thing is in any moment, drop your mind into your heart and take a few clearing breaths. Then ask your higher Self what the best course of action is. Then listen in the silence. Sometimes we don't receive an answer straight away but later on. FEEL into what is in highest alignment, of what FEELS GOOD. Let go of your worries and fears and give them over to God Source and ask for assistance that can come in many forms. Asking for the wisdom, strength, endurance and support to navigate these stormy waters is what I have done since a child and it truly works, it's simple really when we come from our Heart. A prayer spoken from the heart is more powerful than one recited. Also, be assured that ultimately we can't get this wrong. All serves a purpose. We're all here collecting data from our experiences for the Collective One-Mind. Don't be afraid of making 'mistakes', it's the way we learn and evolve. No matter how long it takes. Each moment is a new beginning as long as we are able to let go of regrets, judgements and resentments of the past and MAKE PEACE with it, us and all others.

We have all taken on/ are part of, the distortions within the Consciousness for us to dissolve. We have co-created this all together as ONE. No-one to blame, only responsibility and accountability left. That's why the inner transformational work is KEY! That's we're we get to dissolve, transcend and transmute it all from. And we're all helping one another to become whole again and merge back into the awareness of the Oneness that we inherently are and all-ways have been. It's just that we've forgotten. Again, that doesn't mean everyone is coming along for the ride. Each individual's journey and choices are all-ways respected and there are many paths that lead back to Source, not just one.

Compassion, Innerstanding, Humour, Non attachment to outcomes, places, things and people and Neutrality are what helps us navigate these uncertain times and are necessary to gain a higher perspective of the greater purpose behind all, the grand design of the Divine Plan and we are all part of it's unfolding. ALL playing their part and making the change happen! ALL HAS PURPOSE AND HIGHER MEANING! All a Divine Orchestration and yes it also sucks a lot of the time 🤣. It's important we get to embrace both to get to Zero Point, nothing stays suppressed. NOW WE start to REMEMBER AGAIN who we are, our true history and why we are here! These new levels of Christed Embodiment are what activates the higher dimensional realities that are held inside our our sacred Multidimensional DNA now activating! This is the KEY we hold to unlock & activate the new Grid system/ Trinity wave/ Unityfield all from the inside of us as the whole Cosmos is inside of us, out there is but a reflection! PURITY LEADS TO ABUNDANCE IN ALL-WAYS NOW! 🤍

READY, SET, ROAR AS WE RISE IN OUR GOD GIVEN POWER and show everyone how this is done with an open Higher Heart-Mind! No longer giving our power away to the material world, any person, thing, any outside influence or control structure.


Eternal Love & Blessings,

Ramona 💙


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