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To All The Children Of Mother Gaia

In The Innocent Eyes of The Child

Amid the chaos

Their unfavorable surroundings

Their unfortunate circumstances

Each moment

The Child experiences the Magic

With the same Rhythm of Her Heart

Many many moments come to pass

And She reaches her adult years

Her Eyes no longer See

What they used to

Which was Purity and Wonderment

Her Heart has grown heavy

And weary


There remained a spark of Knowing

Lit Inside of the core of Her Essence

Her Soul Yearned for Her Eyes

To See Anew

And It came naturally

That with the Maturing of Her Being

In Human Form

She Could See Just Enough

To See Through the Hazy Fog

Of The Duality

That Her Experiences

Had Taught Her Much

About what it was

To Be A Humbled Human

Once She Realised

That She Came Down Here

On This Earthly Plane

To Make A Reverberant Difference

In The World,

Her Heart Was Saturated

With Undiluted Hope

In Anticipation Of

A Grander Way

She Began To Feel

Once More

Her Divine Connection

And Healing Balm Of Mother Gaia

How It Was

That Nature Herself Held The Keys

To The Story That was unfolding

In Front of Her Very Eyes

Nature Inherently

Grows, Gives And Thrives

This Was The Blueprint

Always Has Been

And Forever Will Be

To All The Children Of Mother Gaia Out There

Rise Up, Give Unconditionally

And Thrive


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