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Tipping Point Of Humanity Has Been Reached!

Tipping Point Of Humanity Has Been Reached!! A New Earth Is Upon Us, And Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming!!

  1. Kuthumi – WE HAVE NOW REACHED THE TIPPING POINT, via Michelle Fielding

2. We also heard recently from Sanat Kumara via Jahn Kassl, that the tipping point Has Been Reached!!

What does that mean to me? It means we are riding an ever-increasing wave of light energy into higher frequencies… and the 100th monkey effect will definitely be achieved. Humans will begin to spontaneously awaken, ideas and inspirations will become ‘catchy’. People will ‘catch’ love, from one another. Illnesses will cease to exist, because a wave of health now smaller, will become much larger. People will see people’s love energy, and will be inspired. This will eventually be felt in the economy, which will no longer be based on war, and the human trafficking of children. To the unawakened, this will seem like a state of madness. To the awakened, they will create and eventually see the golden age unfold beyond their eyes, and all of it will because they never gave up on the idea that they are love, and as love, they are always home.

Love, Indian

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