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The World is Set to Change on December 21...and it’s Literally Written in the Stars

By: Nadia Mendoza


You’ve likely heard of a solar eclipse, a full moon, or a meteor shower, but what about a grand conjunction?

It may not sound familiar, but you are set to have your first brush with one on December 21.

The word ‘conjunction’ is used in astrology to describe the meeting of planets, while a ‘grand conjunction’ refers specifically to the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn.

It will be the first Jupiter and Saturn conjunction since 2000, and the closest alignment since the year 1623 – nearly 400 years ago.

Not only will it be a monumental occasion for astrologers and planet enthusiasts, but also for us regular folk here on earth.

Whether you’re up in your spiritual game or not, there’s no denying this event is garnering a lot of attention. There is a common narrative taking place from the aborigine cultures to the mayans to the yogis, many of which have been preparing for this event for years.

The reason for such focus and preparation over this deeper way of thinking, is the view that the energy shift taking place in the atmosphere, especially in the build-up to the winter solstice, will create higher frequencies that will influence humanity.

In particular, under this grand conjunction, there is a belief that we will see a shift towards more community-based living rather than looking to governments or big businesses for support while people turn to smaller organizations as they look to thrive collectively.

This is due to the Jupiter and Saturn alliance taking place amongst air signs – it previously happened under earth signs – which places importance on humanitarian efforts.

It is also said that this planetary turning point will allow us to keep our vibrations high by learning how to be true to ourselves rather than attempting to be positive all the time.

If we lost you at ‘vibrations’, then consider this…

Everything around you is a form of energy – whether you see it or feel it.

Similarly, you create energy in every moment of your day, by thinking, doing or saying, and everything you do or don’t do has a corresponding vibration that is sent out into the world.

A vibration is simply that energy, positive or negative or neutral, that you are made up of. It is believed if we focus our energies on truth, our personal vibrations hum on a higher plane consequently making our own energies brighter as well as the energy surrounding us.

The date for the grand conjunction also holds significance, with December 21 being the shortest day and longest night of the year, signifying a ‘return to the light’ once it passes as the days begin to have more daylight in them again as they head towards summer solstice.

Two men who are dedicated to telling the story of the fascinating indigenous people and prophecy surrounding December 21, are Steven Strong and his son Evan. They go into detail in a series of online conferences, with one happening this weekend. Take a peek here: Forgotten Origin.

Speaking to Uspire, Steven opened up about the upcoming event and what it means for individual souls and society as a collective.

Steven said: “On December 21 at 9.02 pm, an original ceremony will begin at Uluru (a large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in central Australia) that could recharge the planet and revitalize the spiritual heart of the planet.

“The expectations and hope are that the ‘magic box’, as described in the aborigine prophecy, could be turned on and that could set into motion a gradual ascension in the earthly vibration of the planet.

“If successful, there will not be one, but two opposing vibrations, one permanently stationed at the current norm on the Schumann Resonance – a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency portion of the earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum – of around eight, while the second will scale into the hundreds. Each soul will be drawn to the energy level that reflects their karma and current level of awareness.

“The way to turn on this magic box does not solely depend on the ceremony taking place but also whether there are enough people on the planet on that day, at that time, in a positive state of emotion such as love, joy, compassion.”

Steven believes the importance is not just for each individual to relate to their own unique belief system but for us to discover an inner realization that we came to this planet to learn two lessons: to find love and magic, and to understand why we are here.

He concluded: “The time has come to reset and rebalance. This time around, each person can assist on that day by recalibrating everything around us, mediating and cleansing your soul, so your energy can help turn this magic box on. We need a lot of people to do this.

“On our website, the elders have set out a routine we recommend each person consults. Make this a day of peaceful positive thoughts flooding the planet, and if enough souls unite the energy they create it could be enough to turn on the magic box of crystals and heal the planet from within, starting at Uluru then spreading out throughout the planet. Please join us, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

There are many mediation groups being set up around the world in preparation for this, one of which is being led by Victoria Amore, a Kundalini yoga teacher and gong sound healing practitioner.

Speaking about her excitement in the build-up, Victoria told us about her previous experience celebrating the winter solstice, saying it helps her find a positive and non-commercial celebration after many Christmas celebrations have become about presents and not presence.

Victoria said: “I have sung with a choir at sunrise at Stonehenge surrounded by others from different faiths and beliefs. It reminds me that bigger things are happening around us and what happens in our little bubbles is small in comparison, that gives me strength and hope and energy.

“This year is more significant because of the planetary alignment and I want to be outside, looking up at the planets and seeing the bigger picture after a year of more screen time than ever in my life before.

“As humans, we can disagree on many things, but this is something we cannot deny is happening. By living more in rhythm with nature, the earth, and the planets we can connect deeper to our purpose. We can turn off our phones, to go and look at the stars with our loved ones. Connect with those who have touched your heart and cultivate a feeling of love wherever and however we can instead of disconnect.”

Talking about her classes, Victoria explained that she will be delivering daily meditations in the lead up to December 21 in order for people to receive the energy shift looming next month.

She concluded: “We’re told it’s going to be like light particles in the atmosphere so for us to be able to receive those and have a ‘DNA upgrade’, we have to be of a high vibration.

“The only way we can be of a high vibration is to consistently remove the fear and expand on the love and the light.”

Whether you are a believer in star signs or not, this extra close grand conjunction could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the next one not due to take place until the year 2080.

So, take a note of the date, and see what life brings from late 2020 and into next year.

As Shakespeare once said, ‘the earth has music for those who listen’.

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