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The Way Out Of This Nightmare

Tonight, we will talk about Love.

Not the kind of earthly love that comes with conditions. But, the kind of love that is a divine love for all things. We are here to inform you that the love vibration has steadily increased and is now being transmitted across the universe unto your holy planet.

We are here to show you how to live in this new energy. We have come to show you that you are blessed beyond measure. We have begun the ascension process, and nothing is blocking it now except for you. You must allow this love to pour into your hearts and minds and let it radiate outward in all directions. It is the energy that is healing this world making it whole and bringing it Home at last.

You have been commissioned to bring about this love within yourself and let it shine a bright light unto the darkness. It is imperative that you begin to purify yourself in order to let this healing energy flow through you. It has begun in the hearts and minds of millions across the globe and is radiating outward in every direction.

It is raising the vibration of this planet and bringing it into alignment with higher forces. The world is waking up at last. We are here to show you how you can use this new energy for your benefit and for the benefit of those around you.

You are all one being experiencing itself. You have begun to ascend into the next dimension and are being shown a great many things that will enlighten the planet. Go forth in your daily activities and enjoy the work you are doing wherever you find yourselves.

Bring back the Love of the Christ; for this is the second coming.

Hold the light within your heart letting it purify your every thought and action. Begin tonight to open to this new energy, tuning in to this new frequency.

We are here to bring in this new dimension of awareness and enlightenment. We have begun to work with the hearts and minds of those that are open to this new energy. Eventually everyone will get it, but it may take some time. For now, keep your own council and understand that your only job or purpose in this life is to raise the energy vibration of this planet and love one another.

You have been commissioned to do this work and are now being shown the way to accomplish this. Here we have the one absorbed in love and light and holding the frequency for the good of all humanity. We have been given very specific instructions on how to accomplish this task.

Begin by being still and allowing the Spirit to work through you. Let the waves of love wash over you and purify you. Love one another and bring each other Home at last. You are here for one purpose and that is to remember why you came here.

It isn’t to acquire more things and people. You are here to hold the light and let the vibrational frequency rise in accordance with the laws of the universe. You have been here before. Only now you are here to show the others another way of being.

You can walk around the world in perfect peace and balance and remain unaffected by the darkness all around you. You have been sent here at this time to remain in full knowing of the brilliance from which you came.

You are a lightworker bringing forth the new energy of this planet. You have been shown the way home and are now returning to yourselves. You are blessed beyond measure and are being showered with light as the new light energy bathes this planet and keeps the vibrational alignment with the heavens.

You are being shown the way out of hell. You have made an awful mess of things down here but that’s your right. You can and will begin to clean up the dark energies of a tired world and restore it to its natural beauty and wonder.

You are deeply loved by the universe and are being shown how creation really takes place within this dimension. You can and will be given the tools needed to fight the darkness within.

You will remain unaffected during this transitional time of adjustment. You have been given the keys to the kingdom. You just need to open the door. That first step is all it takes. You can and will make it through this time of adjustment.

You have been shown what it’s like to live in hell and now you are being given the opportunity to step through the door to the other side of the veil.

Will you take the trip with us?

Yes. I will.

Good, then we shall begin.

Imagine a planet or dimensional reality that seems so real yet remains a dream world. Would you create beautiful dreams or nightmares?

Up to this point you have lived in the shadows of the subconscious. Now it is time to step out into the light.

We are here to begin this journey with you. You are being guided through this process and are being shown step-by-step the way out of hell. You will not find the way out through your mind for as wonderful as it is, there are no exits.

The only way out of this nightmare you have created is to bypass the mind altogether and start living from the heart. Begin by quieting the mind. Git rid of the thought processes and focus on things you love. Feel the feelings these things bring about.

Begin from there. Live in the heart and we can show you another world; another way of being. You can walk in this reality (or dreamworld) untouched by darkness. You can begin to enjoy life. You will create on a whole different level when you approach life through the center of the heart versus trying to figure it out with your mind.

The steps will be made clear to you once you learn to follow your intuition and guidance. We are all around you. We are as real as the gravity you experience. You cannot touch, taste or feel gravity but you know it exists.

In much the same way we are like that. We have been with you since the beginning, even before that. We have been guiding and protecting you and yours from the first thought that brought you into existence. Dear one, this life is meant to be a joyous experience of laughter love and creation. You have misused your abilities up onto this point. If you will let us, we will show you how you can create a better world. We are here to show you how you can create literally anything that your heart desires.

All it takes is willingness and love. You have the whole universe within your entire being. It is there to manifest before your very eyes. Here we have an example of one who has gone astray. We have the little sheep that cannot find its way home until it is desperate enough to cry out for help.

Once the words are uttered and the feeling is felt the entire universe will wrap her loving arms around you and guide you home unto a peace that is beyond anything of this world.

We have begun to unfold the dark corners of your world and expose them to the light. This may be uncomfortable for some, but it is quite necessary in the purification of the earth. We have sent the angels ahead of us in order to prepare the earth for our arrival.

Already many miracles of healing are taking place, and this is being shown in the consciousness of mankind. We have begun to allow the earth to regenerate health and wholeness and people are being returned to themselves.

We are going to bring a new dimension of peace and prosperity to this place with your help. Are you ready to help bring this change about? We have been waiting for this time for millennia. We have been here guiding you and hoping that you would let us in.

This new energy system will allow you to heal on all levels, but you must let us into your heart and let us help purify you of these things that bring you such pain and sadness.

We are pleased to be here amongst you and honor you deeply.

~ Felix


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