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The Way of The Rose: Christ Consciousness Reborn via The Divine Feminine

Christed Consciousness comes through the activation awakening and anointing of the Divine Feminine within to then awaken and anoint the Divine Masculine within, for both women and men and this is also seen without in the collective with the recent flooding of our planet of the Divine Feminine ray as the second coming of Christed - we are the second coming - we are able to achieve the Consciousness of Christ Light through activating our inner divinity and unity. In these same ways Mary Magdalene annointed Yeshua so that he became Christed, as he in turn had annointed her to raise her kundalini through the 7 gateways, in the ways that ancient priestesses before her had taken Light Awakening to enable the (inner) Divine Masculine to resurrect. This is an energetic and symbolic dance within us all regardless of gender, religion or tribe.

​Christ Consciousness is a state of being one with the Lightbody that comes after light awakening or enlightenment that many masters have achieved although Yeshua is the main master that we speak about as one who has actually resurrected rather than 'simply' having awakened, or ascended upon death, but supposedly did in in his lifetime consciously and did not die afterwards but continued in life after the crucifixtion as you can read in many scriptures and books on this subject elsewhere. We may hear of gurus and masters in India, such as Babaji, or lesser known sages and prophets, as well as ascended masters, both male and female from all tribes and all lineages, all over the world, who achieved the rainbow cloak and became one with their light body and ascended into Christed Consciousness.

Ascension is really an upshift which can encompass anything from a simple awakening to complete mastery and illumination as one merges fully with one's light body, and there can be many different types of awakening in a lifetime. Christed consciousness refers to this more powerful state of Light illumination awakening, it is a deep spiritual awakening that brings about a merging with the light body and higher self, which can last forever or be a simple taste until the next time. There are layers of upshifting from one form to another and then this can lead to Christed consciousness as a resurrection and becoming absolutely one with the light body and Higher Self, either at the time of death or during life. We can taste it many times in one life, and those of us who have ascended before can more readily attain it. Yet to merge completely is complete mastery and one few achieve for it can take lifetimes of practise.

We are living in unprecented times when ascension is prophesied as our future as we return now to the Light, and the planet is indeed ascending and we are all upshifting along with her. Over the next hundred years or so we will be accessing our lightbodies and those of you drawn here will most likely be working with these Feminine energies.


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