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The Void

How can it seem so chaotic and feel like everything is a shit show, when internally, everything is occurring within your experience exactly as it has been divinely planned?

There is much to learn about the multi- dimensionality of every experience. Whenever there is some discordance within your immediate field of energy, this is showing you the growing pains of this upgrade. The old ceases to serve the greater whole and there is a phase of your soul growth that can be viewed as the Void, where not much seems to be happening externally, yet the upgrades within the cellular structures of your DNA are activating massively.

Purging is occurring simultaneously. There is a projection of lower frequencies from the ego program simply because the ego is experiencing a final death in its full dissolvement.

The experience seems to be a complete De- evolution as some would describe it. Yet it is a window of opportunity where the seed of Grandness has germinated and all that is required is a nourishing environment of a group of supportive beings nurturing each other in a sea of unconditional love.

Do not fall prey to your ego's sabotage of judgment or blame. There is a period of rest and internal building that is not obvious to the naked eye.

Stay present. Awareness is the key.

Know that everyone is being guided by their angels. Trust the body and the frequency in which you are vibrating to give you clues as to your own Higher Self Embodiment.

All is absolutely dandy even in the rough and rocky aspects of your current experience.

Have grace and patience for yourself and for your loved ones.

This too shall pass.

Image credit: Jorge Ramirez, Jungle Magic


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