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The True Revolutionaries Who Are Making History into HERstory.

By: Grace Solaris

Beloved starseed groundcrew, dear pioneers of the new earth you are the true pathfinders, explorers of consciousness, the true revolutionaries who are making history into HERstory. You are the black sheeps, that voluntarily left the flock to seek new horizons, the lone wolves that trusted your gut enough and found strength to go where no one dared to go, you have prepared well, and gone this path of exploration of consciousness since eons... you are master alchemysts and shapeshifters and here to make change. Where you show up, change happens, because you are not afraid of asking questions and where others hesitate and keep silent. You are not afraid of using your voice and state your truth, because you trust your heart and what feels right... some of you have found the strenght to re-claim your voice, as many of you have been silenced and punished for being rebelish and non-obedient. But that is your force and strength. And you are here to claim it, to be the sovereign beings of consciousness, the masters of consciousness, that you came here to BE to change the course of evolution, to rise the frequency of this planet back into harmony and oneness as you have done myriad of times throughout the galactic trajetories since the beginning of time. You are system busters and here to move mountains of consciousness. It is your speciality. You have gone far enough down the rabbit hole to know, that any fabricated "truth" with egoic agenda cannot be forced upon those, that have genuine integrity and owning their inner heart truth. You cannot be owned and enslaved.

You are here to live by example to bring the flock back into their heart, to assist them in gaining trust in their inner power and supreme being, that resides within their heart thru your example. It is time to come out of your closset now, it is time to rise the mothership, the galactic consciuosness that is the highest expression of who you are, your divine inheritance. It takes your full commitment, to stand to the truth of who you are. You need no one´s validation, other than the validation of your heart. Trust your heart´s inner knowing, that you are all you need to be, all is inherent in you. There is a reason for the calling for a higher purpose, let your heart do the talking, listen and simply surrender to the divine flow, which will cater for you always being called in divine timing to be at the exact right place for a reason beyond what your mind can conceive. You are here on and with great purpose. Let your passion guide you, if you feel drawn or guided to speak up and share, speak up. If you feel guided to go and plant crystals or hold space in certain places follow the flow and go. Time to play for real. Time to come out of your disguise. Time to be in integrity with your inner heart´s knowing, that you are much more than what the naked eye can see, you are much vaster than the borders of your body´s physical border, actually there are no limits to you. You are as vast as the universe itself. You are the starseeded Ones. The bringers of the Dawn. Your time is NOW.

It is time to re-claiming your full galactic potential and embody the galactic mastery that you are here to BE to anchor in the new earth consciousness to reverse the course of this planet from separation into Oneness. Time to end thousands of years of enslavement and mind programming from the 1%. Nothing or no one was ever meant to rule you or supress you and take your rights away.

You know deep within that all is intrinisicly connected in an immaculate web of love, where no one is lower and no one higher. No one superiour, no one inferior aka no one to rule and no one to obey. Love is the answer. Rise commanders of light take your voice back, take your rights back, take your sacred dna blueprint and galactic mastery back.

Grace Solaris


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