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By: Ramona Lappin

Happy Saturday!

Remember, anything is possible and we're part of making the i'm-possible possible! It's all coming together! So much has been and continues to happen behind the scenes. HUGE SHIFT IN COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS IN PROGRESS! Many will have been guided to rest more as our Blueprints are receiving huge upgrades, healing and are undergoing a total re-encryption! Also the deepest healing happens the deeper we can relax and during sleep (and in the delta brain wave state! ;-)). BIG ENERGIES OF COMPLETION! The msg is NOW IS THE TIME!! If not now then when 😉 it's available in the field, more and more are starting to sense and tap into this. Communication and connection with our inner knowing and guidance is paramount! To be able to see beyond the illusions of the lower realities. To see what's really happening. The old Matrix overlay and systems, negative alien machinery are dissolving and taken down. We're in the clean up phase. The new arises as we merge and blend with the higher dimensional realities and multi-dimensional aspects of Self!


Divine Union arises from within now as some are nearing its completion, as the fires of Purification and Ascension are sweeping the Cosmos, upgrading all to a higher frequency. The Planetary and Personal Staff and Rod are being realigned to the Heart of Andromeda, as the old black hole technology and alignment of our & the Planetary central collum/ staff and axis / axial tilt is being corrected and the Net dissolved. This allows connection to higher wisdom and consciousness to be accessed, and reconnects us to true Source and an open Source back flow return. No more syphoning of our sacred life force energy by these technologies as this completes!! Clarity of communication with our higher identities returns and interference is removed!! We've removed huge levels of interference, negative entities, shadow beings and associated lower consciousness these past two weeks, huge amount of shit shifting! Well done everyone 🙏 Also since last weekend we're receiving higher frequency light influx of 12D current and beyond. There's been a big focus on ancestral/ Christic human lineages clearing especially in relation to black magic, spells, curses, blood covenants and those connected to us being able to accumulate wealth. The White Flame and plasma waves contain trinity wave/ tri-wave frequencies/ patterns which are shifting and migrating us from the bi-wave/ old Grid system to the new Unityfield! This is also happening within our own systems as well as Planetary wide, not to mention this whole Ascension project is truly affecting all of the Cosmos. Micro - Macro! Huge white-outs may be perceived in the field as ALL IS PURIFIED!!

The past, our history, the Emerald Records, change as the collective consciousness does, all is in constant flux, there is no certainty and nothing to hold onto. Also see Mandela effect! Such is the QUANTUM FABRIC OF OUR REALITY. So in truth arguing over beliefs and what is TRUTH becomes laughable to a certain extent. It's what causes ultimate division and separation between people, then used as part of the spiritual warfare tactics. Let us all remember that we came here to correct these old distorted programs and templates! At a higher level all is truth, yet there are different levels of truth also but ultimately what is Truth is all-ways expanding and shifting, as we do too! We have to be ok with not knowing to then tune into the higher Consciousness Awareness and Wisdom now being returned to humanity.

The thing we do have real power over is our own navigation. Taking responsibility and accountability for our co-creations. Now we claim these powers to call forth the Superabundance, Unity, Freedom, Equality, Beauty and Ascension we seek! All accessed from within as we align with those frequencies. As all unifies, merges and blends. We are being elevated into new higher levels, experiences and expressions of LOVE, which are being birthed through us, changing the very fabric of our realities and the world through every word, thought, belief, action and feeling we emit as the new broadcasting stations of Christed Consciousness that we are! Yet we let go now of any notions of what it means to be spiritual as this too acts like another layer of religious programming. I'm being shown that a collapse of the financial and religious systems are imminent and we are all part of this.

We remember that it ultimately does not matter what anyone believes in, which God or scripture, what matters is the level of Love, Compassion and Understanding we have for our fellow humans and all of life everywhere, how we treat, communicate and interact with one another. As we now merge back in CONSCIOUSNESS Awareness as ONE, we remember our inherent inter-connectedness, interdependence, need for a coming together in Unity and coming to a unified agreement of collective ethics and morals, living by the Law of One! We give everyone the Freedom to chose their own beliefs and expect the same.

Now we are asked to TRULY BELIEVE all we have been talking and dreaming about for years and worked towards for aeon's. That we can 'manifest' out of thin air and all we have already created at higher energetic, multi-dimensional and quantum levels. ALL-READY and for us to CALL IT ALL INO EXISTENCE NOW!!


The key is to find that CONFIDENCE and conviction deep within us, releasing any remaining doubts or fears and claim our power to co-create / activate/ access the higher dimensional realities NOW!

It's all unfolding but we're also making it happen!

Eternal Love and Blessings,

Ramona 💙


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