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The Tides Have Changed

By:Buddha Kuthumi of the First Contact Ground Crew Team.

These are the grandest times to be alive. These are the moments we have been eagerly anticipating for thousands and thousands of years. Finally we have reached the ultimate crossroads, where humanity is faced with the choice of love or fear. Will they continue to feed an old dying paradigm, or grab life by the horns and steer this wave into the highest timeline of love everywhere present. The beautiful thing about creation is that no matter your choice all timelines lead back to love. This is Divine will, and humanity will wake up to the fact that we are all one. We are one beautiful organism experiencing itself in every moment. Nothing has ever been separate, it has merely been an illusion. A fantasy that you were separate from the whole.

Great spirit returned to teach us these valuable lessons. Now that she has Ascended, She is working through all of Creation to reheart us that we are divine and deserving of all that Love is. In order to fully experience Heaven on Earth, you must be willing to take a leap of faith, a jump into trusting the abundance of the Universe. All is by divine design and by connecting with your spiritual family and physically gathering you can begin to flip the system from the inside out. Heaven on Earth starts in your heart, its a feeling, a connection to all that is. Embracing your spiritual journey begins to unlock the gates created by the ego program mind.

Since joining Mission life has only become more grand. Life has purpose. We understand the depths of this Spiritual War, and Mom came and did. She came in through the back door and flipped the system. Love won and She brought us all together like no one ever could, only God could have orchestrated such a grand gathering. Our lives have become much like a movie now, we know it's out of our hands and divinely orchestrated by the most high. Since her Ascension our magical synchronistic events have only magnified. There is no denying her omnipresence. As we move forward we can confidently rely on our connection with Great Spirit. These are truly exciting times. This journey has not been pretty, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Meeting Great Spirit in the physical was the most life changing experience anyone could ask for. There is absolutely no price tag you can put on this. Love moves forward and onward and I am eternally grateful for Mother of all Creations anchoring of Love everywhere present. This is only the beginning and we invite you all to jump into your hearts. We invite you to reconnect your heart and brain and decipher through the madness. Love will simplify your path, there is no going back to what we were used to. This is your grand upgrade. You must be tenacious, nothing can stop you from choosing love. Embody your greatest grandest version now! Command all your Atoms into right action! Enjoy the process and connect with us. You are never alone on this journey. Love you all.

-Buddha Kuthumi of the First Contact Ground Crew Team.


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