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Greetings, we are here and we would like to make you aware of much that is hidden from you now.

This is how the game was to be played; you would come to earth and you would try to figure out why you were here. Much was hidden from you then and, dear friends, much is hidden from you still.

Why is this necessary? This is how the game was to be played. You would loose your memory of us. You would become an earthling and live your earthly life; you would become consumed with worldly things and with many earthly distractions.

Finally, there would come a point where you would wake up. You would stop. You would look inside yourself and realize that there was more to you than just the being who ran in the same endless circles of the average human being.

You would stop and you would recognize that there was more to being human than just your humanity and bit by bit you would look inside yourself and connect with your divinity and your true purpose for being here on earth as you, and at this time.

Oh, this was an exacting game to play. Many got sidetracked. Many became tired of the difficulty and simply left the game.

You, our dear friends, are the survivors on this beautiful experiment of life. You are those who know that you are not merely human. You have seen the light inside of you and you travel upward in your frequency to seek the light, to increase the light and to become the beings that you set out on earth to become.

We are very proud that you were able to make it this far. But it is time now to put out your hands and connect with those who are not quite so fortunate as you; to connect with those who are still seeking the light, who may have gotten detoured by the distractions of your reality.

How do you do this? By exuding the love that you feel, by seeking more light and becoming the light. And as you reflect your brilliance back to the others, they will remember their true self so that you may all join together and rise together into the light and into the love as it was always meant to be.

Radiate outward, dear friends, and we will help you to amplify your beautiful frequencies. Light will cover the earth and it will raise the earth and all beings. This is your greatest mission; to personify the light and to amplify the light that you have become.

We are waiting to help you. We are your family, the Arcturians; helping you to reflect light back to each other and back to all things. How we love you.

~Arcturians channeled by Rita Kempf


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