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The Stillness Where Polarity No Longer Exists

By: Guest article by Alison


Happy New Year. It feels we are on the edge of a precipice looking out on the New World before us and the powerful cosmic events of this year are opening the pathway ahead.

The essential question for the time ahead is how will be stay grounded, in our power and authority and open hearted in an increasingly polarized world?

The big news I’m most in resonance with is around the powerful cycle of Venus and Pluto which begins the year. Taking the New Moon in Capricorn on the 2nd January as a blueprint we have Venus conjunct Pluto 14 days into her 40-day retrograde. Venus sets as Evening Star on the 3rd January. We also have Astraea Goddess awakening the New Golden Age and Juno Goddess of the Sacred Marriage gathered around them. Mercury is just entering Aquarius and Jupiter just entering Pisces crossing the Moon’s nodes at