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The sacred light

Beloved Friends!

I Greet You In The Sacred Light Of Mother-Father God! As We Seldom Address The Beloved Feminine Aspect Of The ONE, We Understand That Being Created In The Image Of ONE Would Bring Both Male And Female Into Existence.

As Beings On Multiple Planets, You Have Lived As Male And Female Many Times.  The Soul Has Ventured In Expansion To Experience All That Can Be.  To Know The Depths Of Growing A Baby Within, To Chopping Wood, Making Love, Being Crippled, Eating Chocolate And Loving To The Depths, Knowing The Grief That Will Surely Come In Perceived Loss!  Indeed The Soul Observes And Knows, But To Understand And Experience, An Identity Is Needed. A Soul Will Choose The Form And Type Of Dream To Experience. The Body Is Projected By Consciousness Onto This Stage Of Life That You Believe Is Real.

You Have Believed All Waking Dreams Were Real While Having The Experience. Then You Awakened Fully As You Dropped The Body Form.  You Have Never Died.  It Is Part Of Every Dream.  Some Souls Remain In The Non-Physical Aspect Of Density Temporarily And Reflect On Their Journey. Others Will Turn To The Light Path Of Choice And Project Another Identity, Often With The Same Soul Group!  Did You Really Marry The Same Woman Again To Learn To Go Deeper?  Did You Meet The Former Husband As A Prison Guard In Another Dream?  Did The Child You Grieved For In Loss In One Dream, Show Up As Your Best Friend In Another?

Beloved Ones, Relax And Allow This Grand Cast Of Characters That Break Your Heart, Make Your Angry, Share Your Food, Argue Your Religions, Hire You In Employment, Cut Your Grass And Run Into Your New Car And Completely Destroy It. Let It Come And Go!  There Is Always A Lesson. Find It.

You Came To Earth For This Very Special Dream.  The Final Act Of The Grand Shift.  The Great Awakening Will Take You Not Only To Your Origin Of Creation But To The Remembering Of All Lives Lived. This Will Be Much Like Remembering A Movie. Nothing Will Harm You But You Will Be Amazed At Everything You Survived!  You Will Understand That Some Of The Worst Perceptions Were Actually Some Of The Greatest Moments Of Growth!  Indeed You Will Smile Brightly!

The Higher Self That Is The Director Of Your Dream, May Call You Back To Light As You Falter And Judge Others Harshly In Each Story.  Remember That Your Goal Is Light!  Your Intention Is To Find The Best Outcome For All.  The Love Is For All To Make It Through And Be At Great Peace!

We Will See You On The Other Side Of The Veil!  It Will All Be Worth It!

The Journey Will Continue As Life Is Infinite!


I Love You So!



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