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The Power of True Strength in Emotion — Keys to An Enlightened Planet

By: Justin Deschamps


Strength is not the suppression of powerful and intense emotions, the hiding of tears or the masking of feelings.

Strength is the free expression of these things, bringing that which is locked within your being to the surface for all to see; especially yourself.

This requires true courage and bravery, specifically in a world where false strength rules the day.

A culture that seeks to shame individuals from freely expressing their inner emotional nature—their tears of joy, their cries of sadness, their eruptions of spontaneous ecstasy—is not truly strong but weak at its core; easily corrupted by tyrants, who are also cowards with respect to the truth of their being.

A society that cannot engender and support the individual in exploring and knowing the honest emotions of life can no more be prosperous than a musician that cannot sing from their heart, or an artist that glosses over the imaginative in favor of the socially acceptable aesthetic.

When a man, or woman, in the moment of volcanic emotional release, falls into the depths of their being, they undergo an energetic release of their soul that will, undoubtedly, effect a powerful healing of their mind.

A mind that knows not the pleasures of true and unwavering emotional release is caged in a prison of self-doubt and inhibition, crippled by the bonds of fear and cowardice.

Such a mind of emotional stagnation festers and distorts it’s logic, becoming a monstrous thing as time goes on—a shadow that gradually consumes the light of the soul.

Do not shame others for their honest emotions, nurture them and embrace them, while also nurturing the mind that gave life to them.

Energy in motion (emotion) is like an electric current.

If the capacitor with which emotions are stored cannot find release, then how can the mind that houses this energy find solace?

How can a mind without free expression be clear and focused, truly logical and precise, if it is twisted and distorted by the emotions that putrefy like a bowel movement that cannot be released?

Only when we can release that which has been suppressed, can the depths of our being know the sublimity of clarity, where the blossoming of the soul can finally take root in fertile soil.

The challenge is to be emotionally authentic unto oneself while also being respectful of the rights of others, so they too can express themselves freely.

Allowing one to express their emotions, for themselves, is not the same as letting abuse run rampant on another.

Emotional freedom is an inner-art of feeling made plain in behavior, not to be confused with harmful deeds inflicted by immoral and unmastered minds.

Harm, whether via emotional freedom, or cold calculation, will always meet with cosmic justice; forgiveness engenders healing, while responsibility to law protects the innocent.

A culture that nurtures emotional freedom of expression, while also creating a space for these sometimes violent releases to occur in safety, is on the path to global enlightenment.

And the beings nurtured in this emotionally liberating culture will become architects of their soul’s unfolding, giving life to an ever-expanding civilization founded on truth, beauty, and goodness.

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