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The Pleiadians: Sexuality And Precise Awareness

Hello, hello, yes we are here and we are as always very pleased to interact with you in this way. It is a great joy and privilege for our message to be received and we take great delight in all ways that we are able to reach you, assist you, and be assisted by learning more from you.

Today we wish to share information on the great power of your sexuality and its point and purpose in expanding your awareness of higher dimensions on this planet. Your orgasms are the greatest force of power that you have access to and the energy transmitted from your orgasms serves as a powerful fuel in other dimensions of reality. With awareness and focus your orgasms can be used to propel you into contact with extra-terrestrial and other higher dimensional beings who would both expand your pleasure as well as your consciousness.

Pleasure is to be embraced yet used with precise awareness as you come into greater and more expanded states of being. Pleasure is a great gift for you that you give to yourself when you allow your desires to be explored with an attitude of mutual benefit and deep service to all