The Perfect Storm

By: Ramona Lappin

These are the words that have been repeating in my mind over and over for days now, awaiting this geomagnetic storm, all whilst navigating the stormy waters of these powerful solar and plasma waves, re-encrypting our and the Planetary Blueprints back to 'Perfection'.

The predicted geomagnetic storm from all of the epic CME's over the past few days has finally arrived or rather we are experiencing the beginning with KP4 geomagnetic instabilities. Solar flares are still ongoing but somewhat less strong since Friday as we got a chance to integrate the massive amounts of cosmic rays and waves we are continuing to receive. It may reach up to KP8 levels, we shall see. My eyes are on Sunday and Monday especially as This Storm especially is supporting the Quantum Reality/ Timeline shifts that are unfolding as part of the Multidimensional merging of all Timelines into ONE!

What is unfolding is beyond words truly. The potential so great that I can not fully comprehend what it really all means in many ways. We get glimpses, a feeling, a KNOWing, all whilst busy just flowing with it all the best we can. One NOW moment at a time, no longer attached to any outcomes or worrying about the past or future, yet full of KNOWing that so much magic, abundance, joy, full-fillment and happiness awaits! A BIG feeling and KNOWing of MISSION ACCOMPLISHED and rewards being imminent as the last remnants of fear and doubt dissolve!! This is why it is so important to trust your own inner navigation system/ intuition above all else, because logic does not 'win' this game, the Heart does! It has quantum access and knows things the mind can only try and comprehend.

The last many days of powerful solar flares and solar storms have been deeply clearing, upgrading and preparing the Collective Consciousness as well as our and the Planetary bodies for what is next in this now full on Ascension process. It's been INTENSE to say the least and we have certainly been further tested in our mastery so we can expand ever further! All allowing us to step into deeper level of Embodiment which is what ALL is inter-connected with! As we ascend, ALL ASCEND (in one form or another)! Deep purgings as well as blissful waves of higher Consciousness Expansion are being experienced by many as more and more Clarity and Remembering returns.

A big theme I have noticed has been the ongoing integration and neutralizing of any judgement and triggers as they truly are all an opportunity to integrate and merge with more/ ALL of our Multidimensional Self, OF SOURCE, WITHIN! This includes behaviours we may be exhibiting that we or others are judging and want to change. In order to change anything we have to first accept it, so we have to first come to a place of Neutrality and non judgement. It is important to remember that we all have our pieces of the puzzle, our parts of the Consciousness we are purifying and re-programming, non of this is personal. Blame, shame and guilt require to be fully transcended so that we can do our job of transcending these polarised judgements. That's why Neutrality is so important. It's not that we don't have any opinions, it's so that we can loose/ transcend the energetic charge and conflict that exists within our Consciousness that we have towards the opposite/ polarity of what we believe in is truth. Once we have transcended the judgement/ charge, discernment remains/ takes its place, but there's no charge/ conflict/ friction between the Polarities!

It truly all comes back to Polarity Integration which is what transcending separation and duality/ Polarity Consciousness and Ascension to me is all about. This is how we merge with Source, by integrating ALL of it within, all that is. This is atONEment! Not just some things and others not because we're demonizing them. All judgements are truly projections, all shadow aspects we have not yet acknowledged and integrated, same goes for any advice really, it's all us talking to ourselves ultimately. Sometimes its an old or future aspect of us that still requires integration. All to come to Divine Union within, all is assisting and conspiring for us to come to completion now as all is coming together, truly. .

However, the message I am also receiving is that some of us are to remember what we are to do to help fully ACTUALISE this Collective Awakening, Multidimensional merging and QUANTUM LEAP/ Shift in Consciousness that is unfolding. As I've said before, we are co-creating the 'future' in every NOW moment, in NO-TIME. We are Quantum. It's a case of it all-ready happening as well as us being required to co-create this. To remember our mission and the parts we are here to play ultimately as characters in the greater game/ movie. We are here to act on behalf of Source! Because this story requires Completion and Resolution. So my suggestion is to ask your Higher Self and God Source to reveal to you if there is anything specific for you to do at this time to help bring about this Collective 'come to Jesus moment' that is impending as this Reality shifting storm has reached our shores now and the stage has been set, now..


The most powerful Starlight and Pure God Source Codes, Diamond Blue Rainbow, Blue and Aqua Rays, Diamond Rainbow Crystalline Plasma Waves and so many more layers to all that is unfolding. You may feel these beautiful Heart Openings and Multidimensional merge deepening as well as deeper purifications and upgrades doing their job to clear the path for what is next! A full quantum realignment and merging with our Multidimensional Self and Source! Lightbody corrections, healing and upgrades on all levels of our BEingness and therefore also of that of the planet have enabled for all to re-align, to re-birth and re-set that what we call REALity. In truth all is frequency, energy and vibration creating and manifesting through thoughts, beliefs and feelings. ALL SHIFTS AS WE SHIFT, as our perceptions and beliefs shift so do our Realities in response. As our memories change.. as we change in the present, we also change the past and the future as all is quantum entangled.

This also goes way beyond just 5D. We have had to heal ALL the dimensional layers of The Split. This is about us regaining full Multidimensional access as we re-claim our Avatar Self. Leading humanity through Planetary Ascension which is affecting the whole Cosmos, with us at the centre of the show. The Grid is being infused and washed with beautiful 12D+ Diamond White, Blue Rainbow Diamond and iridescent pastel Plasma Light, purifying and activating different areas of the Grids, the Stargates are wide open for what feels very much like waiting for the right Divine moment in NO-TIME to release a powerful Consciousness shifting wave of Source Light from the Godhead, travelling through the Stargates and anchoring through us, that shall QUANTUM SHIFT LEAP OUR REALities FOREVER for the better!

Profound DNA and Diamond Solar Plasma Rainbow Lightbody Activations have been supported by these powerful Solar Activations as the Timelines continue to merge. Powerful downloads and Activations have been integrated by many as we are able to anchor and hold higher levels of Frequency and therefore embodying more of our Multidimensional Self. Divine Unions are imminent in full completion and this also affects physical re-unions between those that may resonate with the twinflame path, as these pairs carry important keys and codes for Planetary Ascension! They are playing a key role especially in terms of Polarity Integration and the return of The Edenic/ Paradise/ Bliss Codes. The 'original pairs' have been present at the time where the big cataclysms happened and truly since the beginning of time. They are now given the chance to correct their past 'errors'. With all of our lifetimes culminating in this NOW, this is true for everyone. The opportunity for change, all-ways now.

Depending on our own perception and alignment with the Higher Realities waiting to become visible, our perception of Reality and what is unfolding may vastly differ. Through the Quantum Observer Effect we are the Co-creators of our own Realities. Those of us who have been riding these Quantum Waves now firmly anchored in the Zero Point Field of Neutrality, in NO-TIME, keep flowing with whatever arises in the now moment, no longer bound by linear time. We keep returning to the Zero Point Field where all becomes accessible and possible, again and again, however long it takes. Being the happy fools we need to be, having risked it all for Love because this is who we are at our Core. Embracing life as art, playing (with) our character with renewed joy on our own stage. Seeing it all for what it is, the illusions and delusions of the mind no longer playing tricks on us because we remember we came to change it all through our own Embodiment and Remembering!

Staying grounded has been definitely challenging this week with these super high frequencies and as our Multidimensional Self merges and anchors through and into our body! Especially with the mind going offline causing difficulties navigating normal day to day things. I even ended up taking the wrong train the other day, not to mention forgetting half sentence what I am talking about or about to do. All which reminds me so much of my original Higher Self walk-in experience/ Higher Self Soul braiding/ rapid DNA Activation that unfolded in 2011 for me. Same for being run by Source Light and sometimes all day not getting hungry at all. I am also being shown that we Collectively have chosen this whole experience over the past 20 months as a way to literally induce an Awakening, the whole thing causing a health crises on Collective scale. This is what most often predates an Awakening at individual level, why not at Collective level too indeed! Wearing the adrenals out so much with all the fear and stress until the system collapses and the Soul breaks through!

Another most beautiful confirmation today was my 8yr old daughter jumping up and down on the bed earlier today as I came out of some epic Gatework singing: "It's a party up there, it's a party down here, it's a party everywhere..!" Because even if she doesn't fully remember just yet, like so many of us, she does KNOW. Because a party is what is so very very and truly all-ready happening! I've been having tears of sheer relief, celebration and bliss because of what I see, feel and know is unfolding. Truly aeon's upon millions of years of mission work have gone into this endeavour and quite simply until we got it 'right' and that time is NOW! Because we keep looping until we do.

The Activation of the Crystal Core of Earth & our Sacred Krystal Hearts is continuing to unfold. Many can feel swirling sensations throughout their spinal collum and body as our Sacred Life force starts to flow as intended and the distortions in our Kundalini and central collum and Morphogenetic field are being healed. Our cells and atoms crystallising, our Plasma Lightbody's can be felt as we vibrate higher and higher and feel LIGHTer and LIGHTer. All inter-connected with the Activation of the New Grid System and full realization and Manifestation of a New Earth and ALL NEW World's! The end of this distorted polarity experience an false Matrix. Feel into these beautiful Heart Openings and Healings now available to ALL willing Souls!


Yet we still have to make a/ that choice. We have to TRUST and BELIEVE. We came to co-create ALL NEW and make it happen! All we truly have to do right now is align with True Divine Love through the StarGate of our sacred Krystal Hearts, which is The Key to the higher dimensional Realities and our Ascension. The whole Cosmos, right there inside of you.

Now, what will you make out of The Perfect Storm?

Eternal Love & Blessings,

Ramona 💙

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