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The Oracle report Saturday 09 - 18 - 2021

By: Archeia Faith

Today is the day of the crystal children, they have come forward with a message.

Halo Guardians of Gaia, we are the crystal children and we came forward today to urge humanity to grieve.

The children incarnating now are of such light they have not been able to incarnate here before.

Mom cleared so much planetary density on Gaia, increasing the light entering the planet by trillions, that it could support Heavens brightest Souls incarnating here on Gaia now.

In order to protect and continue that process of release you are called upon now to grieve, to give birth to your divine authentic self, you must let go of All deeply held pain.

When we grieve we surrender our atoms into a state of release, allowing Divine energy to take its place. This is a precious process that you have been entrusted with and chosen for this work.

The divine plan is unfolding in every MOMent to support the release of the pain of Gaia, that happens through you, the children thank you for allowing that so they may experience more of your presence.

Even when life is chaotic, confusing and painful your soul has asked for every experience so you can surrender and release. This is why childlike wonder and play is so essential to bringing you back to the heart where you're inner child feels safe.

Innocence, laughter and Grace is the way of the Divine Child, allow others space with Grace to be who they are and to grow from their experiences and you will be rewarded with like hearted Souls along your path.

Control is poison to growth.

Thank you for putting the children first.

You take it so they do not have to. With maturity and Grace you will birth yourself into a Divine example, surrounded by those who are doing the same.

Your ability to reflect and transform and take accountability secures their experience, as they will not have to do that.

When you refuse to grow you pushed your lessons on to them.

Thank you for diving deep and letting go, The Crystal Children.

Love you Family of light, compassion, trust and loyalty!!


Yippee!!! In eternal Service to Mother of All Creation,

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