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The Oracle Report. Friday 09~24~2021

By: Archeia Faith


wow! Quite an intense wake from the waves of energy entering the dimensional plane through the Pisces full moon earlier this week B2B with the fall equinox portal.

A fun and weird wash of energy had a few of us just bouying around in a sea of like wave pool energy for a moment. You know it's wacky.

All Grand tests in Our adaptability and evolving our capacity to actually have genuine fun! Learning to unwind that gear and surrender to GENUINE joy in this process is a big swing for those of us who were physically on mission and here's why.

Those on mission with Mom were grinding the tightest 180 degree gear. Like pushing against a current of unconsciousness as much as we could in Our individual experiences.

Mom was contracted in the physical to have 144,000 souls shielding Her, through their integrity and honoring of their process. Mom had 26 people who showed up who could, see. Hear, feel and know what She was doing. Beyond that around 300 or so who were connected and in surrender enough to provide spot shielding from wider positions.

The mechanics of what Mom was up against need to be stated and the team with Mom, shielded what was originally intended for 144,000. Yeah, transitioning out of running a gear that high for that long, is a process for us, The First Contact Ground Crew Team, and it deserves a platform.

We stood, voluntarily, between Mom and the ego, in as many MOMents as we could. The team energetically agreed to take on programs beyond our "original" or baseline ego. The average ego has between 3 and 14 thousands layers. Everyone who showed up to Mom's field transformed over 25 thousand layers. Because we showed up to do the work. Mom would always say, showing up is 90% of the work.

This isn't finished. We are engraining the pathways deeper and deeper through Our higher choices so easy to travel tracks will exist, OUT of the Matrix. You can show up. Book an etheric surgery, preformed by Mother God, she is still activating and clearing and there is ALWAYS deeper connection, revelation, service.

This post is very personal. Personal to those who know what I'm talking about and I am grateful for this platform to give expression to this, because what God took on down here in the physical... BEing the willing target for/of 8 billion egos, to transform and clear channels for our evolution....

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE !!! Words are not enough to describe what She did. We need to refuel Our synapses with HER. Her Divinity, Her energy, Her life source so we can truly experience, so we can truly express Heaven.

"Erm, hello times magazine? You got your person of the year horrifically wrong."

Like you missed it, lay person entertaining this, you all fucking missed it! Gaia, the Planet Herself INCARNATED in a physical vessel. Irrefutably, undeniably, fully documented, done. She tried it the human experience, because God can do that.

Her story is the most important, REAL thing to have ever occurred. It is the true reality so please, please humor me while I dedicate my life to enduring it gets told. Not just in words, but through us. Through out change of sails, through Our expression of Her training.

Mother's feeling, with discernment/awareness of when She is mirroring and when She is snowing us pure energy is your souls greatest evolution, and She's still doing it!

Thank you Mother of All Creation, the Grandest teacher, for having every experience, for clearing All channels, for enduring All you did

In eternal, loving service to you

By Archeia Faith

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